• Showing My Ass

    We’re not talking figuratively, here. If I talked about how many times I’ve figuratively showed my ass, this would be a never ending dialogue and y’all would get bored.

    These are the times I’ve literally showed my ass.

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  • How To Survive Work Meetings

    How many of ‘those’ meetings have you had to sit through?

    I just had to sit through a meeting that was so boring that I’ve tainted my future generations. They will feel this boredom until the end of all days.

    First of all, the best advice I can give you about surviving work meetings: don’t go. 

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  • ACON: What Is My Truth?

    Since learning about narcissistic personality disorder, the journey I’ve taken has been enlightening, painful, and freeing.

    I’ve written about how your comments and emails touch me. Also, I’m happy that I might have touched people and made them feel less alone.

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