• Need Custom Invitations? I’ve Got You Covered

    Who doesn’t love a good party?

    So, I mentioned on Monday that today is a sponsored post. I was approached by Basic Invite about writing a sponsored post for their company and immediately felt comfortable with the project. We’re talking paper invitations here. Of course, I’d write about them.

    Let me explain.

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  • Screaming My Songs

    It might be possible that I have the teeniest of issues with road rage.

    This is me, squirming while admitting I have a thoroughly unattractive habit.

    Anyway, it’s not like I’m aggressive or threatening. I just get super annoyed with other drivers. Sometimes, I am annoyed before I even leave my driveway. I fully admit that the problem lies with me.

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  • Why Don’t We Just Get Back In The Sandbox?

    I have my voice.

    I don’t have a huge voice. I don’t always have a confident voice, but I have a voice.

    I don’t talk much about politics or subjects where emotions run high. I don’t have the stomach for it. I just want to make people laugh. Or help people not feel alone when they are dealing with their own mental health issues or difficult relationships.

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