• What I Believe

    I have written a great deal about my father on this blog in my parental narcissism posts.

    I am finding that I feel better now. I am not working through my relationship with him anymore and that is freeing. Now, I just either need to find a way to better manage my subsequent mental illness from being raised by a narcissist. I’m thinking a bedazzler might help.

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  • Listen To Your Mother Rehearsal Curtain Call

    three day bender

    I had my last Listen To Your Mother rehearsal Wednesday night.

    I’m happy with the essay I’m reading. The essay feels solid and gets laughs. I think if I had this to do over, I would have read out loud before submitting the story. I stumble in a few places that read fine, but awkward when I speak them.

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  • Reading Comments: The Truths In Trolls

    reading the comments

    I can’t, you guys. I know we’re not supposed to be reading comments.

    Recently, I posted 13 Things I Learned From Being Married Three Times on The Huffington Post. 

    The comments were nearly all supportive, but some were kind of shitty. There were also spectacular responses to some of the meaner comments.

    You guys, that was nothing compared to the comments on Huffington Post’s Facebook page. I spent a morning reading scores and scores of comments, some of them were just breathtakingly mean.

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