• 9 Things I Am Too Old For

    I’m too old for this shit.  - Detective Roger Murtaugh 

    If I go back 25 years and think about the information available to me compared to now, I realize why my  ADD brain constantly swirls like one of the cheap pinwheels Randy decorates our deck with.

    I was still decades away from caring about headlines that had to do with aging and still just scanned headlines on Cosmo for 3,609 Ways To Please Your Man articles.

    Hint: Say yes. That’s really all it takes.

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  • Tea Party: A Guest Post

    are you kidding

    I am so digging the guest posts. I love reading and sharing other people’s work. 

    I am especially excited to be able to share this excerpt from author and humor writer, Stacey Gustafson. This excerpt is hilarious and I relate completely with it as we have a similar battle in our house. Except it’s not tea, it’s socks. Woe to the teenage boy if he even looks at his dad’s socks. Of course he does more than look at them. At this point, I think he seeks them out. 

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  • Search Term Tuesday: I Left The Most Disturbing Out

    Any time I post a search term Tuesday post it’s because I’m tired and I can’t think of anything to write about. So, I just look at the search terms people use and end up at my blog. I have to give these people credit, they’re creative and somewhat scary.

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  • Way Down In This Subculture

    The Pixies are providing the soundtrack to this blog post. I don’t know how you’ll react to this, but when I learned about this subculture it felt like a trip down the rabbit hole.

    I start my new job in two weeks. Two weeks from tomorrow. I needed a break, so Randy and I decided a few days with our mountain friends was in order. It’s always a good time. Always. It’s rare that we spend time with our mountain friends and I don’t learn something awesome.

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  • The Class Of Cubicle High

    Where you never graduate and you have to stay until you are very old. Or maybe dead.

    The other day, Priscilla, Queen of the Cubicle, got to work and messaged me with an idea for a blog post. She said, what if companies published a yearbook once a year and we had a day where we went around and got people at work to sign our yearbooks?

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