• Reprised Villain Movie Roles for Donald Trump (Post Election 2016)

    He’s going to lose. When he does, he’s not going to slither away and be quiet. He’s been super-charged with narcissistic supply from the goddamn world.

    We should give him something to do. Why not have him play movie villains? I mean, it’s not a stretch and he’ll have cameras on him. It will be like distracting a fussy baby with car keys. And the movies don’t actually have to be made. I think as long as he has a camera on him, he’ll be fine.

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  • Locker Room Talk

    It goes without saying that this isn’t going to be a funny post. Just like Michael Scott forever ruined the phrase “that’s what she said”, Donald Trump tainted the phrase “locker room talk”. Although, the phrase already had a stench, didn’t it?

    It sucks about the “that’s what she said” phrase because sometimes, that really is what she said. 

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  • I’m Going To Ruin Goats

    If you are one who loves adorable goat videos where a teeny tiny little goat is hopping around looking happy, or videos of screaming goats, then you might want to stop reading after this sentence.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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