• I’m A Monkey

    I’m trying to get my head around so much right now and my brain will not settle on a single thought.

    For instance, it’s taken over 30  minutes to write that one sentence. Usually, my blog posts are in and out in under 30 minutes. Apparently, my brain has employed the Domino’s pizza delivery method.

    Until today.

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  • Bitching With The Sisterwives

    I am so pleased to be over on The Sisterwives today! With such amazing fucking company!

    And the post is on bitching about stuff. Holy shit, it’s like a blog post wet dream.

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  • I Fix Car Problems By Turning Up The Radio


    I’m a ‘stick my head in the sand’ kind of person.

    I am not good at dealing with problems, nearly all of them. I don’t trust my decision making skills and find that sticking my fingers in my ears and going FA LA LA LA makes most problems go away. At least for a little bit.

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  • Confessions Of A Bad Mom: Parental Fails

    I’ve read a couple blog posts recently that revolved around parents having ‘the talk’ with their sons. They were funny and sweet and guilt inducing.

    You guys, I’ve been a bad mom and this is one of my spectacular parental fails.

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  • I Love You, Man

    No. I mean it. I love you.


    See? I can type it. Kind of. I still might not ever post this because it’s difficult. I don’t say ‘I love you’ easily. I don’t love easily. Even when I tell people I love that I love them, it’s rarely an ‘I love you’, it’s a ‘love ya’ or I say ‘I love you’ in a cartoony voice. And if I say it on the phone, then I hang up immediately.

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