• Body Shaming and What I Learned From Trump

    It’s fucking painful to write that headline.

    I don’t want to admit I learned anything from Trump. I loathe him. I abhor him. To me, he represents what makes a person horrible. He is a walking talking trigger for me.

    Also, I didn’t really learn anything from Trump. I learned from a Trump adjacent event.

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  • We May Doze, But We Never Close

    There is this diner in Covington, KY called The Anchor Grill. It’s been open a long time.

    I tried, you guys, I tried googling how long The Anchor Grill has been open, but I couldn’t find it in under 3 minutes. There is only so much a human can endure. Trust me, it’s been open a long time. I’m going to guess it opened in the fifties, but I don’t know for sure. Look that up for me, would you? (70 years – ed.) Read More

  • C’mon, Admit You’re Happy

    August is “Admit you’re happy” month.

    See, right off the bat, it kind of annoys me. August is being pushy.

    I’m envisioning sitting in a metal chair, a single suspended light bulb in a dank basement, with a Raider’s Of The Lost Ark bad guy yelling “Admit it! Admit you are happy!”

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