• Narcissistic Personality Disorder: I Need Five Minutes

    I have a fragmented child living inside me. She never learned to grow and never stopped grieving because she was left behind. Read More

  • Full Of Culture

    I am all about the culture right now. I mean, I have had throat cultures, nose cultures and, well, other gross things. I’m full of culture.

    I also attended the theater with my baby sister last Friday. So, I have culture coming out of my ass.

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  • There Is No Spoon

    DISCLAIMER: This post is not for the squeamish. You’ve been warned. 

    I got over my ear and sinus infection and went right into some weird stomach/intestinal thing. It’s been rough since the election. I have not felt good a single day since November the 8th.

    I gave it a week. When I started running a fever and getting flu like symptoms, I broke down and went back to the doctor.

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