• But Do You Answer Yourself?

    Being the adult child of a narcissist has made me very sensitive to the behavior of malignant narcissists.

    I can’t go on the internet or listen to people talk about current events without getting triggered. I hate this dark, twisted, weird ass nightmare we live in. I feel like we’re in an alternate universe. I know we’re not, though.

    No blimps. There are always blimps in alternate universes.

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  • The Tax Benefits Would Be Awesome

    Randy and I are winding down for the evening and going through our usual routine:

    Approximately 2 work stories from Michelle. 

    A boring beer story from Randy. 

    Mutual decision made about who isn’t cooking dinner. 

    Some unstructured chat.

    Paint the fucking house because that job is never going to be done.  

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  • What Can We Do?

    Randy is going to hate this post. Hate it.

    Here’s the thing, I have to do this.

    We’re in the shit of it, you guys. I don’t have to tell you that bad shit is happening. We all know Heather Heyer’s name. We know that in 2017 an American citizen was killed by a Nazi. We know that, from the president’s own words, that he sides with white supremacists. This does not surprise me at all. He told us who he was during the campaign. Why didn’t we listen?

    Although, it is becoming obvious that the election was stolen, so maybe we did listen, and got fucked anyway. Now we have Nazis in the White House. It sounds like a plot from a bad movie. Like Zombeavers.

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