• And She’s Buying A Stairway

    I know I’ve blogged about music before, but I don’t know that I’ve adequately conveyed how important music is to me. I don’t know if I can adequately convey how important it is to me.

    I’ve heard two people in my life claim to not like music. Any music. They both confused me and made me feel sad for them. How can you not like any music? It’s like they were already dead.

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  • Every Mom Versus Pee Cow

    Think Godzilla vs. Ghidorah

    I read a story this morning by the amazing Samara Speaks on her blog A Buick In A Land Of Lexus where she very calmly discusses her feelings on dealing with the PTO moms at her son’s school.

    Just kidding, she rips their ass.

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  • National Grouch Day

    Yesterday was National Grouch Day. Did you miss it? Well, too bad if you did..maybe next year you’ll remember. What do you want? An engraved invitation?

    I celebrated National Grouch Day in the following ways:

    Disclaimer – please don’t try to attain this level of grouchiness if you are a beginner. You could sprain an eyeball. Please consult your doctor before beginning any new grouchiness program. You know, or don’t. I’m not your goddamn mother. 

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  • That Didn’t Turn Out Like I Hoped

    On my blog, I get to say all the things that are in my head.

    In person, not so much.

    I read something recently that described me perfectly. Apparently, I am an introvert that behaves like an extrovert. Yep, that’s me. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Although, I don’t know why I didn’t know, it fits me like one of OJ’s gloves.

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  • Getting Old Isn’t For Wussies

    I was going to say ‘pussies’ but I already get a shit ton of traffic for chicken porn and goat porn and I don’t want to make it worse…which I guess I just did. And today I’m going to talk about the dildo cam so I’m pretty sure from today on out, all my traffic will be coming from perverts.

    I’ve been sick this week. I know!  That is so not like me. Other than most of the days this entire fucking year. It seems the older I get, the more I get to know my doctors.

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