• Fairy Zygote Mother

    When Randy and I Skype with our mountain friends on Friday nights, there is always an adventure of some sort.

    For instance, one recent evening, Skype started using voice recognition and displaying our conversation at the bottom of the screen. We don’t know why that happened, we couldn’t get it to turn off, and it’s never been back.

    What we did do, was see how garbled we could make the words appear. You’d be surprised how long we entertained ourselves with this. Or maybe not.

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  • Don’t Listen To Me, I Don’t Know What I’m Talking About

    I have talked about my dad so much on this blog that I got tired of it. I’m totally cool with that. When I started working through my discovery of the affects of parental narcissism, it was fucking always on my mind. So, I wrote about it. A lot.

    One of Randy’s friends said something to him about my posts. Not in a mean way at all, perhaps slightly concerned. He said something to the effect that I was writing quite a bit about my father and narcissism. I mean, it was more of an observation than anything.

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  • Bruja and Duck Food

    One time, the younger of my two stepdaughters called me a witch. I couldn’t even get mad at her because, to this day, the comeback was the best and wittiest I have ever heard.

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