• Dryer Lint Cake And Other Projects


    Four days without work flash by at a different rate of speed. It’s like weekend speed, but on steroids.

    Four days wasn’t long enough.

    Do you ever feel so anxious you schedule time off from work to find your center? Then, the last day happens and your anxiety peaks?

    Yeah, me too.

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  • Not Fade Away

    Destin sunrise

    You know what is hard?


    Life is hard and brutal and pain filled. No one gets a pass. We all have to suffer grief. We all have to feel physical pain. We’re all going to die.

    Our time here is brief. Some of us have more than our share of suffering and sometimes it feels like we’re being treated unfairly by the universe. The truth is though, life is what it is. We are born under certain circumstances with certain abilities and then we make choices. Random things that are completely out of our control affect us. Sometimes good. Sometimes tragic. The result? Our precise lives. Fair doesn’t come in to play.

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  • Sex, Lies and Scrapbooking

    Just kidding about the sex. There’s no sex. Not here at least.

    Middle Sister scrapbooks, or at least she used to. She does impressive work. I am the big sister and I’ve always taken my job of hanging shit on my two younger sisters seriously. I teased the shit out of Middle Sister for her Martha Stewart ways. If I am honest, I have to admit that Middle Sister has some gorgeous fucking scrapbooks. 

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