• The Life Of A Blogger

    I still get to write my stories

    Dedicating your life to writing when you have a full time job and still have a kid at home is difficult. Writing takes a fair amount of planning and sacrifice.

    The past two weekends have seen my house overrun with grandbabies. Of course, that is no excuse to slack off writing.

    Because that’s what we writers do, we write.

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  • The Name’s Digger. Grave Digger.


    A single clematis bloom winds up the honeysuckle bush that popped up between my deck and fence. I was too lazy to pull out the honeysuckle when I first noticed the growth. It’s now over 14′ tall. I am not a gardener.

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  • No, Wait…It’s A Party Streamer


    I wrote this last Saturday.

    The seasons have changed again.

    The trees are full and the bugs are out. I am mourning my third season of broke ass central air.

    When the season changed in the Fall, I felt anxious. I didn’t want everything to die. I didn’t want to be cold and have those white knuckled drives into work through snow and ice. I didn’t want to have to live with the daily fear of my son, the new driver, traversing roads in those same conditions.

    I wasn’t ready to let go. But there is no choice, is there?

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