• The World Gave Me A Show

    I was sure that having a yard sale would produce funny material for a blog post. People rummaging through my things would have to result in at least one moment of absurdity. It only takes a moment.

    There were no funny moments.

    Also, is it just me? Or does everyone who has a yard sale see there possessions in the harsh light of day and decide that everything they own must look slightly shabby and mostly seedy?

    I would love to say that the yard sale was a great success. I wish I could say I felt our load had been lifted and that we are barreling into the next phase of life, but I can’t. If I took a “before” and “after” picture of our yard sale, it would look like one of those “spot the differences” puzzles.

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  • My Week Defined As A Bag Of Ice

    It occurred to me today that the constant bag of ice in my freezer could be used to describe most of my weeks.

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  • Panic At The Disco

    Only the disco is my deck. So imagine a deck with thistle growing up through the slats. A ton a mint in front of it and a pile of wood engulfed by weeds by the steps. Unless that is how you remember discos looking, then feel free to just imagine a disco. The panic is just plain old panic.

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