• Trigger Warning: I Get It


    We’re at the end of June and I needed long sleeves this weekend. I love when summer feels cool. We visited Middle Sister’s house to celebrate her birthday and her daughter’s birthday. Gorgeous Niece is now officially a teen. I found a bottle of Middle Sister wine for my sister. The label says that it’s ‘sweet and sassy’ which is just like Middle Sister. Well, she is at least one of those things.

    We went to the grocery at an ungodly hour yesterday morning. Because that is what we do on Sunday mornings. Randy, a rat bastard morning person, is more persistent than I am sleepy. I always threaten to not go with him, but then I figure, I’m awake anyway.

    I had an epiphany yesterday, you guys.

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  • Rubber Shoes From Hell

    Rubber Shoes From Hell

    See what I did there?

    One thing I love about summer? Flip flops. I love flip flops. I could wear them every day for the rest of my life and be happy.

    I am hard on shoes. Always have been. I tore shoes up the way a hamster chews up newspaper. When I had my first communion at St. Augustine in 1971, I got the most gorgeous pair of white patent shoes. I think they were on my feet for five seconds before I knocked them together and put big black streaks on them. My dad was pissed.

    I went through countless pairs of saddle oxfords in grade school and junior high. I wore Dr. Scholls and water buffaloes in high school. When I finally got out on my own, I could barely afford rent and food, but I always had money for shoes. I found this shoe store in downtown Cincinnati that sold pumps in every color for under ten bucks. I had them all.

    My love affair with shoes has cooled over the years. I won’t wear high heels anymore because they are dangerous and hurt my feet. But not flip flops. I’ve worn flip flops for as long as I can remember.

    Turns out, I should have been afraid of the flip flops.

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  • We’re Not The Only Ones With Unneighborly Thoughts, Are We?

    unneighborly thoughts

    Summer has arrived! Time to dust off the grill and start obsessing how our arms look in sleeveless tops.

    We’re out of our caves, rubbing our eyes, and marveling at the way the sun feels on our faces.

    Our neighbors are coming out as well. After spending the winter months tucked away in our houses and practicing our hermit skills, we find we must interact with other humans.

    Sometimes, it’s nice to reconnect with the people who dwell closest to us. Other times, not so much.

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