• The Only Car Game You Will Ever Need


    When we were kids and we traveled with our parents, we didn’t have cellphones or portable devices that played movies to keep us entertained. All we had was picking fights with our sisters, asking “when are we going to get there?” or some lame ass car game. Some car games didn’t require any playing pieces, like identifying all 50 states by license plate or playing “what’s that carcass?” In Texas, “armadillo” always wins.

    We had a car bingo game when I was a kid. Each person got a card with pictures on it. When you spotted something that was on your card, then you slid a little plastic cover over the picture. When you covered all your spaces, then you were the winner. Which would result in an hour long argument over whether or not the dog you saw had to be black and white like the dog in the picture or could it be any dog.

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  • It’s All Good, Man


    I read a comment that someone posted on Facebook. It was raw and honest and I could feel the pain in it.

    This is a person with talent and compassion and a heart bigger than the Grinch’s heart after it grew ten sizes. This person is a cheerleader and is encouraging and helps people with the same frequency in which I curse other driver’s on the road. So you know, a lot.

    I thought about this person and considered how much I appreciate her and how much I admire how she helps people.

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  • Please Tell Me Why

    Flower in dune

    I don’t talk about politics or religion or sex on my blog. Well, other than to occasionally make fun of or rant about Donald Trump, but come on, it’s Donald Trump. I don’t talk about it because I am not prepared for the onslaught of opinions and vitriol.  I don’t talk about religion because I do not care about religion. I don’t talk about sex because I’m a prude.

    I’m not viewing the Syrian refugee crisis from a political or religious angle. I just see waves and waves of people in need.

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