• We Had The Beat

    I think we should have to start all nostalgia stories with the words “in my day” and when you read it, you should shake your fist.

    I find a lot of nostalgia stories disingenuous. I don’t think they mean to be, I just think we sometimes sugar coat the past because we want it to be better than now. We want our time to be valid and relevant. Who doesn’t want their things to be best?

    Some things really were better, though. Music, for instance.

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  • I Guess They Will Just Sleep In A Sauna

    My baby boy, who hasn’t been a baby for a long ass time, graduated from high school. We are having a weekend long party that will include housing many people.

    It’s been a cool spring so far. Until now. It rained like a motherfucker yesterday and now it’s going to get hot.

    My central air is broken.

    Randy and I have a window unit in our bedroom, but everyone else might be a little uncomfortable as they will be sleeping in a sauna.

    Anyway, I hope you all have a good holiday weekend with no sunburns. And I hope you all laugh like the Chewbacca mask lady. I know I will as I plan to be covered in grandchildren soon.

    I had an article about raising a wild child on Blunt Moms a while ago, and I think they must have featured it again recently, because I’m seeing it pop up in a couple places. Speaking of grandchildren, here is an article I had on Scary Mommy about the seamy underbelly of grandparenting. 

    Here are some memes that I recently posted on my Rubber Shoes In Hell Facebook page.

  • 50 Things Better Than A Cubicle

    Before Rubber Shoes In Hell, I had another blog. Randy saved all my old articles and I found this one. I decided to update it because it is not horrible and actually made me laugh a few times.

    I was at my last job when I wrote this. In case anyone from my new job reads this, then remember, this was written when I had my old job. I love cubicles now. haha.  

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