• What Does Ladylike Mean To You?

    This post isn’t about parental narcissism, however, I do have to briefly reference parental narcissism.

    A person with narcissistic personality disorder can never be wrong. They know everything there is to know about everything.

    Being raised by a narcissist is the opposite of a walk in the park or a piece of cake or whatever other phrases we use to describe “easy”. The fallout ranges from devastating to annoying to weird.

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  • The Endless Scrolling

    My grandmother (the good one. I had a good grandma and bad grandma) lived to be 95 years old. Her name was Daisy, she had fluffy white hair, and was around 4 feet tall when she died. She made fudge and these little coconut covered cream cheese balls at Christmas.

    Anyway, she told me when she was a child that whenever they would hear a plane, the whole family would run outside to look at it. Then she said “You know, we did that for cars, too.”

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  • Feminism vs Misandry

    In this corner, weighing in at none of your business because weight is not relevant. Wearing whatever the fuck she wants: Feminism.

    And in this corner, wearing bitterness and generally fucking shit up that is already broken: Misandry.

    You know why feminism and misandry are in separate corners? Because they’re not the same goddamn thing.

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