• Sorry About The Zombies

    Randy and I went to the grocery this morning. We didn’t need much, just beer, potatoes and two picture frames. I had to frame my picture of me and Daryl Dixon. I also got a picture of Ryan Hurst (the guy who played Opie on Sons Of Anarchy). My sister in law loves Opie and I asked Ryan to speak with her on the phone and that call made her day. Hearing my sister in law get all squealy over Opie was every bit as much fun as having Norman Reedus wrap his arm around me.

    That was a lie. Having Norman Reedus wrap his arm around me was better than making my sister in law happy, but it wasn’t way better. 

    Having Norman Reedus wrap his arm around me might have been way better. 

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  • The Book Is Here: I Still Just Want To Pee Alone


    You know how you can obsess over a task?

    I don’t mean putting off cleaning the toilet. That doesn’t count as obsessing. Putting off cleaning the toilet is an example of ‘good’ avoidance.

    My decisions don’t usually take long. I decided to paint my living room walls a deep red after spending 10 minutes looking at paint samples. It’s been over six years and I still love the color. I don’t have a problem with making decisions. My problems start after the decision is made.

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  • I Can Even


    Just a few minutes ago, I stood in the shower with water as hot as I could stand. I felt better than I have all day.

    I don’t know why I feel so rotten today. My head aches, I’m foggy, my bones are tired. I felt the Spring allergies coming on this morning. Then, on my way home, Spring changed into snow and sleet.

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  • Even Lazy Jelly Fish Do It


    Cole Porter was from Randy’s home town. So, I thought it appropriate to lift a Cole Porter lyric for this post title.

    Randy and I experienced very different upbringings, other than we were both rather poor. Randy lived in the same house most of his life. My family moved all the time. My parents stayed together, Randy’s parents divorced when he was young. Randy was mostly raised by his mother.

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  • The Four Horsemen Of Mypocalypse



    Fear of failure.



    The Four Horsemen of Mypocalypse.

    The horsemen have been stampeding through the strange terrain of my brain.

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