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  • I’m A Motherfucking Bad Ass

    It’s Friday night and I talked with Mountain Girl this evening. She is a balm. I needed her because these past few weeks have been horrible.

    I told her how my anxiety feels physically painful and about the amount of weight I have lost because eating is difficult. My throat tightens and it’s hard to even drink water.

    I told her that I felt like there is a saber tooth tiger at my shoulder and I can nearly feel one of those impossibly long teeth ready to bite down.

    Let me just say that the motherfucker would have to work at that shit because my neck and shoulder muscles are so tight that my baby boy can’t work them out and he usually can get them in line. 

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  • Hopeless Chest

    Randy is cooking breakfast for me and I am staring at a blank WordPress page.

    I have started and stopped this post with the same words so many times that Bill Murray called me to ask if I am okay. Read more

  • Running From Your Brain

    I thought about writing a post about a funny spam comment. The comment talked about some voodoo witch doctor who could make anything happen. But Randy told me if I posted a spam comment, bad things would happen. I’m not sure what because I glazed over when he started talking about Google and black lists. Kind of the way I do when he lectures me about tweeting at trump.

    So, what is on my mind right now? Holy shit, so very much.

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