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  • Tangled Up In Blue And Green

    I’m not a planner. I am a “jump in with both feet and see what happens” kind of person when it comes to anxiety projects.

    Okay, not just projects. Life in general. Normally, this is where I say that my approach hasn’t worked out too well for me, but I don’t think that is fair.

    I am here. So my approach can’t be all bad.

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  • What Would Buffy Do?

    I think I already have a post with this Buffy phrase in the title, but I don’t care. I’m reusing it.

    It’s entirely possible that my IT department will veto the current title. My IT department will give me a deep, dark sigh and say “Michelle. Light of my life. You cannot reuse titles”. Then my IT department will change my title and talk about SEO and google searches. I have no idea what comes next, because I completely glaze over after “SEO”.  Anyway, if the title DOES change, it used to be “What Would Buffy Do?”

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  • I Got This For You, Just For This One Minute

    Remember last week when I wrote about being anxious and worried and, gosh, I really hoped it would get better soon?

    I miss last week.

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