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  • The Tax Benefits Would Be Awesome

    Randy and I are winding down for the evening and going through our usual routine:

    Approximately 2 work stories from Michelle. 

    A boring beer story from Randy. 

    Mutual decision made about who isn’t cooking dinner. 

    Some unstructured chat.

    Paint the fucking house because that job is never going to be done.  

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  • Bedazzle Our Boob Socks

    Randy and I talk to our mountain friends every Friday evening.

    We’ve been doing this for years now. We call it Friday night youth group. There aren’t any real rules, other than there should be a round of word ball and a discussion which revolves around butts, boobies, or some other body part that is usually covered when one is in public. Because we are grown ups and can talk about whatever we want. God. You have to read that like Napoleon Dynamite. 

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  • Petty AF

    You know what a pet peeve of mine is? The phrase “pet peeve”. It’s stupid.

    So, I should be finishing painting the family room stairwell, but I feel like I’ve been painting longer than my second marriage lasted.

    I hate painting. It is tedious and I’m not good at painting. Plus, I am covering up all my wonderfully bold and bright colored walls with this putty color that looks like a filing cabinet. One of those metal office filing cabinets. From what I’m reading, filing cabinet blah is the color to paint your house when you want to sell.

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