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  • Always Don’t Talk

    Mountain girl gave me advice once. Well, she’s given me advice more than once, but I’m talking about a specific moment. Although, I would be remiss to not mention that the aloe vera did clear my burn up quickly. 

    Anyway, Mountain girl told me: “Always don’t talk.”

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  • Adult Supervision Required

    I said last week that I was cutting down to one post a week and that is mostly true. I just had a few quick things to share and I didn’t want to wait until Monday.

    I wanted to share a link to an article I wrote for the site, Balance by Deborah Hutton. If you are menopausal and want to know your horoscope for 2017, I got you covered.

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  • Exercise In Futility

    This is day three of my four day vacation.

    Randy and I decided to take four straight days to work on the house. Our goal is to be ready-to-list by mid summer. When I say that is “our” goal, that is actually “my” goal. I don’t think Randy is aware of any timeline.

    Randy wasn’t down with the whole “let’s work over our mini vacation” plan until I told him we could also drink.

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