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  • Fuck it. I’m glad I’m here

    I don’t mean fuck it, fuck it.

    Fuck that.

    We citizens of the US don’t have the luxury of throwing our hands up in disgust. We also can’t let our guard down when we have some success. Like, for the moment, 24 million people won’t be losing their healthcare.

    We have to resist. This isn’t a drill.

    Every time I see someone say “this isn’t a drill” regarding our current state of affairs, I feel such anxiety because it’s not a drill. This is happening. Lunatics are running the asylum. I hate this. We’ve had some success, but this is far from over.  

    Doesn’t matter if I hate it or not, this is our life in the US.

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  • Creeps Never Go Away

    There are good men.

    There are a lot of good men. I am not anti-man. I don’t hate men. I think men are awesome. I have sons who have grown into incredible, albeit really messy, men. I am married to a man who is kind, compassionate, and giving.

    It would be super cool, though, if the men who are assholes would try not being assholes. Read more

  • I Will Write In The Dirt

    We aren’t owed a specific number of days.

    Regardless of your beliefs about what happens after we die, in this life, we all die the same. Well, not the same same. That would be ridiculous. I mean our bodies stop working, we stop smiling, and we become someone’s happy memory. Hopefully.

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