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  • Been Caught Stealing – Part 2

    I totally fucked up the Jane’s Addiction title when I stole it for my last post. It’s Been Caught Stealing not Got Caught Stealing.  

    That’s what I get for stealing.

    I figured it out, but not until I had posted the story. So, the headline just stayed wrong.

    Now, here I am. Fixing it.

    Randy and I were talking about the comments from the last shoplifting post. How people said that I was mostly sweet and trying to do something nice.

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  • Got Caught Stealing

    Haha. Not really. I never got caught.

    You know how you can be in a long term relationships and after decades you are positive you’ve told all your stories. Then, you find this deep well of stories they hadn’t heard?

    This happened Friday night.

    Randy is aware of my childhood. He understands my childhood was difficult, sad, and is when my perpetual stomach ache began. He knew I was guilty of occasional shoplifting when I was a kid, but he didn’t really know the stories.

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  • Swear Hard Enough To Dent The Universe

    Do thoughts matter? I mean, I know they matter to us, but do our thoughts affect anything outside our own heads?

    Do they? I don’t know.

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