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  • Fear and Narcissism: Are You Mad?

    I spend a lot of energy fretting over this question.

    Are you mad? 

    One of the most difficult, most anxiety inducing fears for me is that I’ve made someone angry.

    The reason is not hard to figure out.

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  • Conspiracy Goat Says: Don’t Be A Lying Liar Who Lies

    Randy has been making memes about a conspiracy goat. Sometimes, they are funny. They’re usually weird. Just a little glimpse into the madness in my husband’s head. I am glad his madness and my madness get along.

    This isn’t about goats, though. I hope you aren’t disappointed. I do have other blog posts about goats if you’d rather read them.

    This is about malignant narcissists and the utterly absurd lies they tell. We’ll get back to goats in a few minutes.

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  • Parental Narcissist: Here, Try This

    Okay, suppose you are in a relationship with someone and it’s a good relationship. When you experience something enjoyable, your first thought is “I want to share this with them.”

    That scenario works out poorly for Randy when it comes to him offering me a taste of something he enjoys.

    We’ve been together for over 22 years and both really believe we “get” the other person. Then, we find out we’re still making new discoveries.

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