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  • Narcissist, Take The Wheel!

    The first time I saw a “Jesus, take the wheel” bumper sticker, it made me nuts.

    Oh for crap’s sake. No. NO. Do not, under any circumstances, assume Jesus is operating your motherfucking vehicle. 

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  • Narcissism – Just Say Thank You

    I don’t mean to thank someone for being a narcissist because no. I am talking about learning how to say thank you when a compliment is given.

    Does it freak you the fuck out if you get a compliment?

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  • Narcissism: Did I Scream?

    I wrote this last Spring and then just kind of looked at it for months. I hope you like it. 

    I sat on my deck perched on the edge of a chair. Rainy days mean soaked cushions. I had to choose between a wet ass or balancing on the metal frame.

    Spring had reached the adolescence of it’s life, but still felt like a baby. The air was warm, but the bite of winter remained in the breeze. I listened to the sounds of the afternoon. I faced the thrum of interstate traffic from a couple miles away. Behind me, I could hear a train rumbling on the tracks a few streets over.

    I heard a girl scream.

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