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  • The World’s Smallest Violin

    We humans have a fucking mess. The whole world has a mess.

    I’m frustrated with humanity. There are enough resources for everyone. No one should have to go without water or shelter or food or healthcare. People have the ability to be kind and compassionate. But what do we do? We hoard, we waste, we are fearful and we are assholes.

    We exclude people, disregard people who are not like us, and we judge.

    Oh. My. God. We judge so hard.

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  • Do You Know Who The People Of Walmart Are?

    They are people.

    I hate that site. I loathe it. I find it abhorrent that so many of us find it acceptable to take pictures of people who didn’t ask for their goddamn picture to be taken and post it online so the unsuspecting person can be mocked and ridiculed. By the world.

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  • No Jill, No Conversations About Comedians Needed

    Jill Stein thinks we need to have conversations about comedians.

    Here is an excerpt from Jill Stein’s Facebook page:

    “We need to begin having honest conversations about the oppressive tactics corporate comedians continue to do towards already-marginalized groups of people. This country was built on oppressing The Other (Blacks and indigenous people) and I’m not going to stand for more of this while we deal with major crises in this country that could determine whether we’ll even survive as a species.”

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