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  • Amazonians Only

    I am often late to the party. I mean, I didn’t see that dancing baby video until 2006.

    Anyway, I just learned this morning that there is a group of men who are super pissed off about there being “women only” showings of Wonder Woman.

    Are…are you fucking kidding me?

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  • Let’s Talk About The Appropriateness Of Leggings

    People posting shaming pictures of women on social media sites isn’t new. Hell, along with kitten videos and political commentary, they are the backbone of the internet.

    I did a podcast for Genneve.  I wrote about the events leading up to the taping of the podcast. I’ve listened to this twice now and I think I’m done. It drives me crazy. Oh, make sure you listen for the sound of my squeaky chair as I am incapable of sitting still. Ever. Anyway, one of the things I spoke about was women wearing leggings.

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  • The World’s Smallest Violin

    We humans have a fucking mess. The whole world has a mess.

    I’m frustrated with humanity. There are enough resources for everyone. No one should have to go without water or shelter or food or healthcare. People have the ability to be kind and compassionate. But what do we do? We hoard, we waste, we are fearful and we are assholes.

    We exclude people, disregard people who are not like us, and we judge.

    Oh. My. God. We judge so hard.

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