• In Sickness And In Health, ‘Til Death Do Us Part

    I had to use 3 PTO days last week because I’m sick.

    I hate using my days off as sick days, but damn, this is kicking my ass. It started with a sinus infection and is wrapping up with bronchitis, an ear infection, and a second round of antibiotics. I spent 36 hours in bed watching bad movies and filling a trashcan with snotty tissues.

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  • Creeps Never Go Away

    There are good men.

    There are a lot of good men. I am not anti-man. I don’t hate men. I think men are awesome. I have sons who have grown into incredible, albeit really messy, men. I am married to a man who is kind, compassionate, and giving.

    It would be super cool, though, if the men who are assholes would try not being assholes. Read More

  • Rubber Shoes: The Knee Window Fashion Edition

    Okay, advice from me to you. Never take fashion advice from me. Except for right now.

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