• Mental Health: This is Exhausting

    In my defense…

    It’s just never good if you feel compelled to start a post with the words “in my defense.”

    But in my defense, Tuesday was an all around bad day. September 11 isn’t easy for any of us.

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  • A Wall Without Wings

    So, that title sounds like it wants to be profound, but also wants to be a Hallmark card. But it makes absolutely no sense.

    Walls don’t have wings. They’re not supposed to have wings.

    I mean, I guess there could be some walls that have wings. Or pictures of airplanes hanging on them. I don’t know. I haven’t seen all the walls. Except it does make sense.

    Let me explain.

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  • #MeToo Sugar Panties

    I haven’t really written about the #MeToo movement.

    At least, I don’t think I have, not specifically at least. I could check but that’s boring and I don’t want to.

    So, we’ll just assume I haven’t.

    Not that it matters.

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