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How Does It Feel?


So, I haven’t been okay for a while.  This is likely to be all over the place, so buckle up. Maybe, take some anti-nausea medicine or something.
Just after my birthday, I had a panic attack, after not having a panic attack for years.

I didn’t fall in a hole: Amazing Graceless is just ridiculous at this point


Maybe some of you remember that a few months ago I fell in all, hole and screwed up my knee? Well, last weekend we visited Tennessee to celebrate my birthday with our mountain friends. We were there about an hour before I re-injured my knee. I didn’t fall in a hole this time. However, I was taking a picture. Again. In early January, when I injured myself, I was taking a picture. This time...

Looking back over life: I’m here, I’m here


Between falling in holes and general life, things have been busy. By busy, I mean stressful. Everything is fine. It always is. We have four work days and then we’ll be heading the mountains of Tennessee. I’m leaving behind my fifties to experience life as a sexagenarian. I need this so bad. I can’t wait to get away and just chill for a few goddamn minutes. You know, a chance to...

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