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I Guess I’ll Figure This Out


I haven’t written for anything other than here in a few years now. I had a nice little run for a couple of years where I got paid for my writing. I mean, I wasn’t going to get rich, but it’s nice to get paid for art. It feels good. Turns out, if you stop submitting your writing, then that all goes away. I decided I’d jump back in. I’m ready. I can be funny. I can be...

Conversations and Long Relationships


You know, I could talk about going back to the office, but since I have to do that again tomorrow, I’d prefer to pretend like it’s not a thing right now. I guess I would sum up my first week back in my cubicle as horrific, but not as bad as I thought it would be. So, you know, a win? I guess? In 2 days, Randy and I will mark the 26th anniversary of our first meeting. We’ve had a...

My New Interpretive Dance


I am heading back to the office one week from today, 10 days after my second Pfizer dose.  I am beyond grateful to be finished and ready to crawl out of my cave. Kind of. A few days ago, I almost hurt my shoulder by patting myself on the back over how very tranquil I was feeling about going back to the office. Sure, commuting sucks, but I’ve done this shit for decades now. I’m a pro...


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