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Turning 60: A Looming Milestone


I will be turning 60 soon. Fucking sixty. How the fucking shit did this happen? I don’t feel sixty. Sixty? Really? Sixty? I feel like I haven’t lived enough to see forty. I also feel like I’ve lived enough to see two thousand five hundred and twenty seven. Which would make me older than Jesus. Anyway. We get older and we adjust. We make changes. We decide to approach life in a...

Rubber Chicken and Other Things That Aren’t Food

rubber chicken

DISCLAIMER: No one should eat anything I am about to talk about. And I am super sad that needs to be said.  Okay, obviously, one doesn’t eat a rubber chicken. I guess you could try, but damn, the amount of chewing that would require makes me exhausted just thinking about it. But there are other types of chicken you shouldn’t eat. I had no idea I’d have such a strong opinion on...

Beer Granny

monkey looking at a beer

I wrote this Beer Granny post once already. Then, my laptop did this thing and I lost every single goddamn word. I’m going to recreate from memory. I wish I could see the before and after, because quite frankly, my memory isn’t what it used to be. I’ll just choose to believe this is the better version. Anyway. Randy gave each of our children a name that he would call them when...


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