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It’s Good To Belong


We all want to fit in, right? Sure, no one wants to come from a cookie cutter. We want to be unique and stand out. Even when we say we don’t, we kind of do. I mean, at least that is what I suspect. Even so, it’s good to belong and have a tribe. It’s good to feel comfortable in your surroundings. To be able to sit down and go “I belong here. No one can question this.”...

What was the middle thing?


I loved A Fish Called Wanda. I’ve been recalling Kevin Kline’s character, Otto, more and more these days. What was the middle thing? I’m not saying I’m losing my mind, I’m just saying my mind takes longer and longer strolls. This year has been trying, y’all. I had yet another doctor appointment for my blood pressure. We’re adding another medicine. I...



RUD = Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly. That is how I saw the SpaceX account on Twitter describe the blowing up of the SpaceX rocket. I found it hilarious. Pretty much, the first thing I thought was “Did Gwyneth Paltrow have anything to do with this? Because Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly sounds like the phrase came from the same place as “Conscious Uncoupling”. I mean, the rest of...