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I meant well


So, I might have told part of this story before, so bear with me. My older son, Zach, and his wife Lauren befriended a young couple from Cuba. The wife doesn’t speak much English. I remembered 30 years ago, when Zach was in Kindergarten, his teacher asked me to invite one of his classmate’s mother over for coffee. They were from Japan and she was lonely. She spoke almost no English...

Maybe, Call It Ethyl?


My mother and I don’t talk on a specific schedule. We talk a few times a week at various times of the day. She usually doesn’t call on week days because I’m at work. Usually, I call her on my way home. She sometimes calls late on Saturday or Sunday mornings. What she doesn’t do, is call on Saturday evenings. When I saw a call from my mom at 5:04 yesterday afternoon, I...

The Post COVID Cafe


Hello! Welcome to the Post COVID cafe. We’re so happy to see you. It feels good to finally be able to be around other people while breathing in the little droplets of spit they expel when they exhale, isn’t it? You got here just in time. We are busy now, but the upcoming rush is going to be a doozy. Fortunately, there’s no wait for a table. Would you like to sit in the coughing or no coughing...


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