$100 Dollar Dessert

I made a dessert.

I can’t tell from the video what the dessert is called, so I have named it the $100 dessert.

Because I’m getting paid for this.

Anyway, here is dessert video.

Bananas cooked.

carmelizing bananas

Cake completed. I thought the cake would stick, but it didn’t. I still crumpled it though. My version didn’t look quite the same. But my version rarely does to be honest.

I more than likely would have made this dessert this weekend no matter what. But shit happened. Things transpired. Someone talked a little smack and ensured that there was no way on earth this banana dessert wouldn’t be made.

I will tell you how sure I am of this.

At this moment, it’s Tuesday evening. I have a holding place at the top of this post that says “fill in dessert part”.

I haven’t made the dessert yet. At this point, I have no idea if it will be any good or not. All I know, is unless I die or something catastrophic happens, I will be making this dessert this coming weekend.

Okay, so this is what happened. Randy and I watched the video for this dessert that doesn’t seem to actually have a name, but it looked really good and I said I was going to make it.

Well, Joey happened to be standing in the doorway. He smirked and told me that I wouldn’t make it.

Me: I’m making it.

Joey: Whatever. You’re going to forget.

Me: I’m making the fucking banana dessert.

He started laughing.

Joey: I will bet you $100. that you won’t make that dessert.

Then, he walked away.

What a sucker.

I looked at Randy and said “Does he even know who I am? Seriously?”

It will cost me under 10 bucks in ingredients to make this $100 dollar dessert.

When you read this post, I will have made the dessert and collected my earnings. As long as Joey plans to honor his bet, which he better. We raised him right.

Randy clued Joey in just now and told him he might want to pick up an extra shift at work because there is no way he isn’t going to owe me a hundred bucks.

Randy: She already wrote a blog post about it.

Joey: Whatever, she’s going to forget.


Me: Unless I die or something catastrophic happens, this dessert is happening.

Joey: So….unless you die, right?

I love my family. I love laughing with them. I love it when they have to fork over their hard earned bar tending money.

I’m wondering what I can bet him next weekend. This could be like a part time job or something.

By the way, the cake was just terrible.

banana chocolate cake

I had to spit it out. I don’t know if I left an ingredient out or maybe accidentally cooked it in Satan’s butthole or something. It tasted like chocolate flavored floor cleaner that sucks every bit of moisture from your mouth.

Seriously, I spit it out 20 minutes ago and the taste is gone, but my tongue feels sad. Like I let it down.

Definitely not worth a hundred dollars.

HAHAHAHAHA. Sucker. Nothing about the best said it had to be edible. It just had to be made.



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