An Anxiety Filled Workday And Upside Down Marbles

So, I got through the worst anxiety filled workday ever.

It actually wasn’t the worst day ever, it was a horrible day, but not the worst day ever.Β 

Anyway, Randy and I are sitting in bed, watching Clash videos and he scratch/massaged my head with both his hands. I’d tell you how good it felt, but then I’d feel dirty.

Me: Fucking hell, that feels good.

Me: If my head needs to be scratched this bad, I think I have head lice.

Randy: Or ticks.

Me: Or warbles.

Me: I don’t even know what warbles are.

Me: They might not even be real. Maybe, I read about them in a Harry Potter book.marble-the-happy-warble

Randy: Maybe, they’re upside down marbles.


You guys, I laughed way too long at that. Also, I googled warbles and they are parasitic fly looking things. I totally could have warbles. Or they might be upside down marbles.

Laughing felt good. I needed it.

I talked earlier this week about my spiking anxiety. I’ve either been in tears or nears tears way too often in the past week.

On the plus side, I can always count on you guys to lift my spirits, make me laugh, or give me perspective.

It might not make the anxiety go away, but you help me get a grasp on it. My grasp is still tenuous, but I’m confident I’ll get a better grip soon.

The other thing Randy and I did to help tamp down anxiety was to vote early. I know early voting won’t make these next few days go by any faster, but I feel good knowing I’ve done what I can.

I’m not going to feel much better until we get past November, 8th, but I do feel a little better knowing our votes are cast. If early voting is available for you, you should totally go get that shit over with. It feels good.

Whatever happens, I am glad you guys are here and in case I haven’t mentioned it a lot, I appreciate you all more than I can say.

Now, quit being all mushy, gawd.

I am the only woman in my family who has no artistic ability. But Marble really does look happy. Also, it’s possible, but not likely, that Marble lives on my head.Β 

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  • I think a lot of people are going to feel loads better next week. It’s been a long road and it’s almost over anyway. Hugs and head scratches (I’ll even risk the warbles).

  • I cannot wait until it’s over! Thank goodness HGTV does not have political commercials!
    I voted early too. Just got it over with. Now I can bury my head in the sand for a few days and ignore things until it becomes reality what we have to deal with – -sigh. Maybe a few bottles of wine this weekend πŸ™‚

  • I voted. I am so glad to have that shit behind me. And when I voted I waved and smiled to a nice woman who was holding a campaign sign just outside the cutoff boundary for campaign advertising. She was holding a sign for a local candidate who seems to be a nice person with good ideas so it wasn’t hard to smile and wave and hopefully make her day a little brighter.
    If she’d been holding a sign for He Who Must Not Be Named I’d have had a harder time smiling and waving but I might have anyway.
    Where the fuck is all this positivity coming from? I suspect it’s your happy warble. Maybe they feed on good vibes. We need to start a warble breeding program.

    • Ha! I’m just glad I didn’t make them up. I wasn’t entirely sure.

      I did not smile and wave at anyone when we voted. I’m not smiling and waving a lot these days, but to be fair, I don’t always anyway.

  • I know Freud never thought therapy would come in the form of internet support groups!

    *hands NastyMichelle a fresh tissue*

    You bad-assed the Bad Asses πŸ™‚

    You deserved that head massage and bug scratching and I adore how Randy just gives you what you need even when you don’t know you need it.

    Marble the Warble can live wherever she wants… you want. Anything/body that can give you an anxiety releasing belly laugh should be put on a pedestal and worshiped.
    (Spell check just gave me ‘horsewhipped’ for ‘worshipped?) Hahahah!!!!!

    My Funeral Dress damn near killed me Halloween night. AND my granddaughter informed me that NO Princesses have THAT dress.
    Next time I wear it I will be really dead.
    I kept singing, “I can’t fucking breathe, much less believe…” and my son had to keep unzipping me so I wouldn’t faint πŸ™‚

    I can picture anxiety like I can feel that dress. Panicky, can’t get enough air, how long do I have to wear it…. if I can just get a quick breath….

    I hope you can hang that fucker up soon, Sweetie.
    Until then – Randy? I know you don’t need to be told this, but, Please keep unzipping Michelle by scratching her head so she can grab a quick breath.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • This seems like it’s just a bad time for everybody. I don’t know a single person with anxiety or depression who ISN’T having a serious spike right now. I blame the election completely. Here’s hoping that after the eighth everyone can at least breathe one small sigh of relief just that it’s over!

  • I’ll be glad when the election is over, too. I voted more than a week ago and now it just annoys me that it’s still going on.

    I was surprised to see wings on Marble. It seems like when he wants to get somewhere, Marble the Happy Warble should ramble.

    I’m not even sure what rambling is, really, but it looks visually appropriate.

  • My heart goes out to you regarding your anxiety. I didn’t even know what it was until my daughter started experiencing it when she became a young adult. There was a reason – similar to your narcissistic father.
    I am a dual citizen living in Canada, but you can darn bet I voted anyway. My ‘dyed in the wool’ R cousins in MN could not wrap their heads around the fact that I can still vote. (I told them I still have to fill out an income tax form every year, so I darn well ought’a be able to vote! lol)
    At any rate, if you haven’t watched this yet, it is a hilarious clip of Louis C.K. –

  • That is a quite picture of an imaginary fly! Who wants a real parasite?
    All of Oregon is vote by mail. If you don’t want to use a stamp there are drop boxes at every library branch and other places making it easy peasy to vote.Of course there are people who forget which in this election scares me. How could you forget? I truly miss going to a voting booth. I dreamed of being one of those voting people in my old age. Unless I move, another dream squashed!

  • Love ya, Dudette!

    I’d like to early vote, but I love in one of those states that doesn’t have it. But I’ll definitely vote on that day. I’m debating watching the news on Tuesday though…I don’t know if I can handle it, but then again, I probably won’t sleep until I get the results anyway. And even then, who knows lol.

  • warΒ·ble
    verb: warble; 3rd person present: warbles; past tense: warbled; past participle: warbled; gerund or present participle: warbling

    (of a bird) sing softly and with a succession of constantly changing notes.
    “larks were warbling in the trees”
    synonyms: trill, sing, chirp, chirrup, cheep, twitter, tweet, chatter, peep, call
    “larks warbled in the sky”
    (of a person) sing in a trilling or quavering voice.
    “he warbled in an implausible soprano”

    noun: warble; plural noun: warbles

    a warbling sound or utterance.
    synonyms: trill, sing, chirp, chirrup, cheep, twitter, tweet, chatter, peep, call
    “larks warbled in the sky”

    I voted by mail last week. Briana is mailing her ballot in today. I will be so glad when this is over, and I still have confidence we will win. Meanwhile, I have been listening to a Lucius concert video that NPR put on YouTube from the 9:30 Club in DC a lot. When they both open their mouths and that sound comes out, it drives most anxiety right out of my head. Especially the song “Dusty Trails”, but really it’s ninety minutes of sanity injected into this whirlwind of awfulness, and I can’t recommend it enough.
    Also, we have tickets to see Neko Case at the Fox Theater on the 16th, so that gives me something to focus past the election onto, but even that has some anxiety built into it, as our seats are in the back of the mezzanine and I’m not sure I can make it up all of the different stairs involved…
    I hope you are feeling much better very soon.

    • I can’t WAIT until you get to see Neko Case and you will make it to your seat. I know you will. πŸ™‚

      Randy also sent me the other definitions of warble. hahaha

  • I like your bug drawing. I hate that you have so much anxiety. This election is killing my digestion. I look at the polls and the news way too much. Laughter helps, doesn’t it, though?

  • You are not alone in needing this week to be over. I’m hearing a lot of “it’ll maybe get worse before it gets better” and I’m telling those people to shut the hell up, because I’ve got enough real and immediate stress right now without borrowing from their Imaginary Stress Box.

    I voted today, because I couldn’t take it anymore, either. And I’m seriously tempted to actually say so to the various Other Side People in my life who are still trying to pressure me to think like they do.

  • Damn, sorry that you’re anxiety is off the charts again. I’m kind of there with you but mine is generally college based at the moment. If I take too much notice of the election and all the other news going on in the world this week it will put me over the edge.
    Even though I’m across the pond, it really does worry me but there’s not a damn thing I can do about it but hope.
    On the plus side there’s bourbon!

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