Three Hours ‘Til Dark


4th of July weekend, we were in the mountains of east Tennessee with our friends. We haven’t been to their mountain since February of 2020. We cooked and drank and laughed. We sat on their south porch and looked at the mountains. We played with kitties and listened to birds. We watched PeeWee’s Big Adventure. Randy and I sat in on band rehearsal. It was the first time we’ve seen...

Fifty Years: And This Is Who She Is


And this is what she does. I’ve been digging on Nick Cave for a few years now. Rings of Saturn is amazing. This is who she is and this is what she does. It’s not my favorite Nick Cave song, but it fits. My mom painted this picture of me. I’m not sure of the year, but if I had to guess, it’s about 1971. This was the year that I learned I was no longer a princess. This was...


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