I Am Not Taking Aging Seriously Enough


Seriously, you guys, I’m not taking aging seriously enough. I’m going to be 58 next month and I just now got around to dying my hair a funky color. I am so behind. I should have done this a few years ago. My stepdaughter told me about this hair conditioner that adds subtle color to your hair. I bought platinum and purple. I started with the platinum. I thought the platinum would make...

The Heartbreak Of Zoom Meetings


Okay, I am not going to ignore the fact that the soon to be ex president attempted a coup. I’m not going to pretend insurrectionists didn’t storm the Capitol building. I’m just saying, I’ve been saying for a long time now that this would happen. I mean, not exactly what happened, how could I know? But I knew it would be bloody and bad. And I don’t think we’re...

The Eye Of The Narcissism Storm

hurrican eye of the narcissism storm

We’re in the eye of the narcissism storm. Narcissistic Personality Disorder has been a theme of this blog years before the 2016 election. I’ve been fretting, screaming and pleading for years now. The stupid president couldn’t be more dangerous. He’s broken beyond repair and he’s collapsing. I’ve said many times this is going to get worse. And now we are here...


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