My New Interpretive Dance


I am heading back to the office one week from today, 10 days after my second Pfizer dose.  I am beyond grateful to be finished and ready to crawl out of my cave. Kind of. A few days ago, I almost hurt my shoulder by patting myself on the back over how very tranquil I was feeling about going back to the office. Sure, commuting sucks, but I’ve done this shit for decades now. I’m a pro...

I’m Just About To Blow My Top


I stole this post title from the Wanda Jackson song, Fujiyama Mama. This post has nothing to do with the song but still fits.
Friday evening, we were watching a live feed of the volcano in Iceland. Randy is nearly blind without his glasses and my eyesight is failing rapidly. Either way, we were seeing the video completely different from each other

It’s The Little Things, Y’all


It’s the little things. It’s a perfect day. I mean, if I were to describe how gorgeous it is outside right now, I’d use every cliche in the book. My description would be flowery and overwrought, like a Hallmark card or the poetry I wrote when I was 19. We have a gorgeous Japanese willow in front of our house. The flowers are just now blooming. I can tell because my nose has been...


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