I Don’t Want To Die On An Empty Stomach


I have a lot of “Last Time” anxiety. What will be the last song I hear? What will be the last voice I hear? What will be the last food I eat? That last one. Fuck. Seriously, if the last thing I drink and eat is gas station coffee and a stale donut, I am coming back and haunting everyone forever because I am going to be pissed the fuck off. Randy and I spend a lot of time watching food...

It Took Six Decades


But I did it. Yes, it took six decades. I addressed an uncomfortable situation. I walked right into some shit and I fucking handled that shit. I did. I handled it. I stood up for myself. I even was slightly abrasive. I mean, in the end, I completely misread the situation, but that’s not the fucking story. I stood up for myself. After living most of my life almost never standing up for...

Always Try To Make A Good First Impressionism


I met someone last week who reminded me so much of someone. Me. She reminded me of me. She didn’t look like me. We definitely had wildly different styles. She didn’t sound like me. I have no idea what kind of music she likes or if she is generally happy or how she votes. But she was still me. My younger son, Joey, and I met my mom and my little sister in downtown Cincinnati to see an...


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