Little Kitty: Ode To Geoffrey


Little Kitty lives across the street in Car Guy’s house. He is a tabby like our Gertie. Little Kitty has two tuxedo brothers named Leo and Big Kitty. They don’t visit, but Little Kitty does. He visits every evening when I go outside to sit. Sitting outside helps my mind relax a bit. It’s like if my brain had a bra on all day and then got to take it off. I have no idea where...

Prescription Drugs: Forties vs. Fifties


I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have at least a small issue with insomnia. I managed it okay, all the way up to around age 40. I don’t type so much as I retype. I have to backtrack at least every few words. For instance, I just wrote “all the way up to around age 400”. Then, I decided that wasn’t a typo. I feel 400 when insomnia is kicking my...


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