When Awkward Moments Cross Over From Endearing To Oh, Just No

This post will get progressively worse.

Like at first, you’ll probably go “oh, that wasn’t THAT awkward. Really”

Just wait. We’ll get there. I’m easing you in.

Here are three stories. From just a little awkward moment to “oh fuck no”.

So, a few years ago, something happened that made me laugh harder than I have ever laughed at a job.

I share a room with two women and we’re all around the same age. We’re all grandmothers.

Anyway, this dude who works with us came into our room all cocky and shit, thinking he was funny, and would make us squirm. He had a bag of nuts and the brand name is “My Dad’s Nuts”. He asked us if we wanted to “eat his dad’s nuts”.

We didn’t skip a goddamn beat.

“I have dreamed about having your dad’s nuts in my mouth.”

“Can I get all of your dad’s nuts in my mouth at once?”

“I can’t wait to bite your dad’s nuts.”

He admitted defeat and literally ran out of the room.

But that isn’t the funny part, even though it was pretty fucking funny. He left the bag of nuts. We ate them.

Anyway, a woman in sales and her adult daughter visited our room shortly after. The younger woman had a chihuahua puppy and one of the woman I work with held the puppy. The puppy went crazy smelling her mouth.

Office mate: Oh my god, he probably smells my dad’s nuts in my mouth.

I sat in a cubicle but couldn’t see anything that was going on. I could only hear it. The two women who had come in were completely silent.

I had my head on my desk and cried I was laughing so hard. I could hear my other office mate wheezing.

Pretty sure no one I work with will read this. I know for sure at least 2 people have read some of these posts, but I have no reason to think they still do. If you work with me and are reading this? Fine…you’ll probably be able to identify the person I am talking about, but just be cool. Gosh.

The next awkward moment story goes back around 19 years.

I had just been promoted to IT department director. I don’t think it was my first day as the boss, but definitely the first week.

The IT department was a room built of cinder blocks. It wasn’t fancy. There was a row of eight cubicles, two wide and four deep. A small conference area and my office.

The back row had a narrow space between the cubes and the wall. I had been in the back cube talking with a woman about a project and a man who worked for me, we’ll call him Calvin, was talking to someone in the adjacent cube.

I walked past Calvin and put my hand out as I passed him. It was a “I’m walking past you” gesture. Only the gesture failed. It failed so bad.

I cupped his balls.

It felt like I cupped his balls for about a weekend. It was really only 3 to 5 seconds, but when you just get promoted to director and one of your first acts is cup your employee’s balls that 3 seconds feels like a lifetime. I snatched my hand away. He put his hands in his pockets, broke out into a smile, and said “So that’s how its going to be.”  Pretty sure I told him to shut up and that he was banished from the planet.

The best awkward moments story involves Randy, though. We’re going back 25 years for this one.

We lived in Kansas City, MO. While my job was in MO, I had to travel, on occasion, to Ft. Scott, KS.  Ft. Scott had a train station, a Super 8, and a KFC. And the warehouse I supported. Okay, I am sure there is more to Ft. Scott, but that is what I remember.

The hotel was a nightmare.

The train station wasn’t far from the hotel and the tracks ran about 10 yards behind the motel. So, every 60 to 90 minutes I would be startled awake by the train horn.

I learned to request a room at the front of the motel because then the train whistle would still wake you up, but it wasn’t so loud that you thought you were being attacked by a screechy monster.

Randy joined me on one of my trips to Ft. Scott. We went to KFC for dinner. Pretty sure our only other choice was vending machine food.

KFC was hopping. There was a steady stream of people going in and out. When we left, we filed out behind the other people leaving.

Randy thought I was in front of him. I was not but was standing next to him. Who knows where his head was, but he definitely was not present in the moment.

I looked over at Randy and he had his hand on the ass of the woman in front of him. This was not a young woman. I’m going to say she was at least in her mid 80’s.

Me: Dude! What are you doing?

Randy looked at me, then at his hand, then back at me. But did he let go of the strange woman’s ass? No, no he did not.

Me: Randy, stop touching her butt. Seriously, let go of her butt.

It was like his brain couldn’t handle what was happening and his hand decided it was quite fine where it was.

He did remove his hand, eventually. The woman turned around and Randy apologized profusely. She said “Don’t worry, sugar, that was the most fun I’ve had in 50 years.”

It’s been a goldmine for me for the last quarter of a century. Arguments can be ended with “At least I didn’t grope an old lady’s ass.”

Okay, I can see how an argument could be made that my awkward situation was worse than Randy’s.

Mine involved an employee and his was a stranger that we never saw again. But he cupped her ass at least five seconds longer than I cupped his balls, so his was definitely worse.

I’d like to say that these are the worst of the worst of our awkward situations, but I bet if I tried, I could come up with a few more. Or maybe not. I may have blocked them.


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  • Oh. Thank you. I needed this pretty badly, today <3
    In college, 12 years ago – I am a late bloomer – the music professor gave me a hug and I went to kiss her cheek and she swung her face at mine, but my mouth was in the pre-purser mode, so I literally slimed her cheek all the way to her mouth with my half closed one.
    She pulled back, I pulled back. There was a lot of uncomfortable smiling and I wiped her face with the back of my hand and I'm not sure of how the disengagement went, but I'm pretty sure I slid right through the floor down to the science labs…
    To be fair to Randy, and you, I, too have smacked the wrong ass, but I did not cup, nor linger 😀

  • (About 50 years ago), as a secretary in a medical school department, I was friends with most of the Post-Docs. I had really long hair that I had braided in front of my chest. One of the guys went to pick up a braid (at boob level) and I jumped back (knee-jerk reaction). Later that morning he and other secretaries and Post-Docs were in my office area and we were describing the incident when, the last words of my sentence were “it was as if I were trying to grab some guy’s balls” when in walked the Dean of the Department. Everyone around me burst into laughter at his blank face while I went purple with embarrassment. Yeah, good times.
    But yours made me laugh out loud and want to come up with other “my dad’s nuts” comments. But I’m not. You’re welcome.

  • I worked at the Sizzler Steak House in Eureka for about five years, starting when I was eighteen. The busiest day of the year there was mother’s day, and my first mother’s day there was packed with families all dressed up for the occasion and a line out the door.
    The bathrooms there were in between the cashiers and the door, so that day the line went right in front of them.
    I came out of the bathroom, and a waitress named Letitia walked right up to me and zipped my pants up.
    As embarrassing as it was, it was a needed break from the madness…

  • So the nuts reminded me that someone gave my wife a book called Brenda’s Beaver Needs A Barber, published by Reach Around Books, that also published a book called Put Tony’s Nuts In Your Mouth!
    The Beaver book was given to her at a dog show where one woman, a former schoolteacher, read it aloud to a group of women. Some men who were present weren’t sure how to react.
    It wasn’t quite the same level of awkwardness–kind of artificially created awkwardness, but still funny and awkward. Also if I ever meet anybody you worked with I won’t say a word. I also won’t bring up Randy cupping an old lady’s ass.

    • Honestly, the things we said were so much worse, but I got squeamish about writing it. It was more like, “Can I suck the salt off your dad’s nuts?” and “I just want to roll your dad’s nuts around in my mouth.”

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