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When I graduated from high school, my goal was to go to vocational school and learn to be a hair dresser. I wanted to cut hair for a living.
Because I am me, I put off registering until the last minute. I couldn’t get into the hair dressing class because it was full. Data processing, however, was wide open.
My career path was decided. I would take the class that still had open slots.

Okay, But What Is Your Writing Process?

words on a page

I am here to help. I am going to explain my writing process to you and this process can help you in a multitude of ways. You can apply it to blogging, memoirs, short stories, shitty anonymous letters to your boss, or grocery lists. One of the most important things you can do is to create a comforting and inviting environment which welcomes you into it’s warm, supportive embrace. Free...