The Post Menopause Nocturnal Twist


I did not know that when I got this far into the middle years that I would be learning a new dance.
Not that I am adverse to learning new dances. I love dancing. I still kind of want to learn how to tap dance. Randy and I dance all the time. Just not as long as we used to. Also, our bones make some scary ass noises.
The nocturnal twist, however, is a shitty fucking dance.

Built In Percussion


Getting older doesn’t suck.
Seriously, you younger people, it’s not bad. Getting older is kind of awesome.
I mean, getting older isn’t effortless or anything, but still, it’s a good space to dwell in.

When Your Brain Sees No Point In Being Rational


I guess it was best I had some steadfast delusions when I was a young adult.¬†Pretty sure that was about five years ago.¬† Those delusions shielded me from some harsh realities. My biggest delusion? Believing you get a well of wisdom and serenity bestowed upon you about the same time you are eligible to join AARP. I don’t know why I thought that. My entire belief was founded in a pool of...


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