It’s Good To Belong


We all want to fit in, right? Sure, no one wants to come from a cookie cutter. We want to be unique and stand out. Even when we say we don’t, we kind of do. I mean, at least that is what I suspect. Even so, it’s good to belong and have a tribe. It’s good to feel comfortable in your surroundings. To be able to sit down and go “I belong here. No one can question this.”...

Bring on 2022. I guess.


I’m not getting excited for a new year. Bring on 2022. I guess Lucy Van Pelt can only fool me so many goddamn times. I’m not Charlie Brown. I am, however, Charlie Brown’s first cousin who is easily fooled over and over. Full disclaimer: I have no cousins named Charlie Brown. But when I was a kid, there was this amusement park ride that I would ride with my dad that darted in and...

Here We Go


Skidding into the holiday season! We’re going to have all the kids and grandkids together for the first time since 2019. Throw in my parents and we’ll have 16 people in our house soon. Randy and I are looking forward to it, and freaking out a little bit. We’ve grown a bit reclusive. Fortunately, everyone in our family, except the baby, has been vaccinated and there is no dissent...