I Think I Used Up All My Words


Today is Easter and April Fool’s Day.
Today is also my baby boy’s twentieth birthday.
I know I am no different than any other mother who feels like time didn’t treat us fairly when it comes to our kids. Time made them adults at a much faster rate than feels fair. But it feels like it’s different for me. That time went just a little faster for me.



I want to thank all of you who supported us and our granddaughter, McKinlee during her illness. Whether it was your good thoughts, donations to the Gofundme campaign we started or promoting the campaign. I will appreciate you all of my days. I am heartbroken to tell you that McKinlee died on Tuesday, May 2. Her time on earth was short, but fierce. She fought every single day of her life. In the...

Our Mountain Climber


I had never heard the name McKinlee before my stepdaughter told me that was what they would name their daughter. Because I am me, I had to challenge her choice, ever so slightly. Mostly, because my stepdaughter is one of my favorite people to tease. Me: like Mt. McKinley? Stepdaughter: I guess. Except spelled different. As it turns out, our granddaughter is aptly named. McKinlee, our little...

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