When Is A Door Not A Door?


When it’s ajar.
That my friends, is what we call a Randy joke. Randy tells the worst jokes on the planet and the worse the joke, the harder he laughs.
I do have a reason for telling that horrible Randy joke.

Empty Nest Syndrome: It’s Not All Goats and Berries


So, I mentioned we put Joey on a plane to go live on a farm in Washington near the Canadian border. My understanding is he would be spending a few months tending goats and picking berries. The original flight didn’t happen because a flight was delayed which caused the whole fragile ticket system to fall apart. We had to reschedule everything and I had to take him back to the airport the...

I Think I Used Up All My Words


Today is Easter and April Fool’s Day.
Today is also my baby boy’s twentieth birthday.
I know I am no different than any other mother who feels like time didn’t treat us fairly when it comes to our kids. Time made them adults at a much faster rate than feels fair. But it feels like it’s different for me. That time went just a little faster for me.


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