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  • Sweat Stained Butt Shadow

    Okay, two things.

    First, we came to an agreement with the buyers. Looks like the house is sold. Done deal. Except it won’t be done until it’s done. Then, I’ll breathe easy.

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  • 13 Things Worse Than Selling A House

    There is not a single thing about selling a house that I like. There aren’t even any aspects that I am indifferent to. I loathe every step of this process.

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  • Don’t Touch The Goat

    This week has been trying.

    I’d make a comment about understatements and that it’s been stressful, but I’m like a broken record by now.

    Anyway, I haven’t written shit in days, but I miss you guys when I’m away, so here are a bunch of memes.

    Hopefully life will be a normal level of chaos soon. XO

    Some of these memes are mine. The goat ones are Randy. I love my weird ass husband.