My Brain Is A Dick


It is safe and accurate to say that I am a “worst case scenario” kind of person. My brain is a dick. It can take any situation and make it cosmically horrible. I don’t really have much defense against the situation, it’s easier to just roll with it. Mostly, this happens when I’m sitting alone on my front porch or in the shower. As soon as I get some peace and quiet...

Standing Up While Sitting Down


Sorry, I missed you guys last week, but there was this thing looming. Something I’ve been fretting over for years now and I was distracted.
I’m sure I’m not the only one breathing a huge sigh of relief. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has recently taken the deepest breath they’ve taken in four years.

From Now Until We Are Trees


So, I submitted this to an anthology about sisterhood. 
They asked for something quirky and I thought well, this is a quirky story. I guess maybe the cannibalism bit was a little too quirky? Either way, the story didn’t get chosen, but I still have this perfectly good love letter to my friend, Mountain Girl.


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