Just a quick note


Sorry I have been absent. My son, Joey, returned from Maui on Saturday. I had a hard time focusing on anything other than work and him getting home safely. He got home just in time to take care of me and Randy because we have COVID. We’re both okay, just sick. I will leave you with this conversation I had with Joey. Me: I wish I would have played Dungeons and Dragons at least once. Joey: I...

I wanted this to be different


I wanted to tell you all the funny stories about my trip to Maui. I wanted to tell you about our delayed flights and the cast of characters I met. But Maui burned. My son is still on Maui. He is safe and I am grateful. But the shopkeeper from Rabbit Hash, KY that I met in Lahaina? I don’t know if she is okay. The Banyan tree that is sacred to the native people? It is certainly not okay...

Just Why?


Okay I know it’s been a minute. Still struggling with anxiety and considering another ketamine treatment. I am getting through my days and still trying to live a life that extends beyond my cubicle and my bed. For instance, tonight I am taking the 12 year old granddaughter to a concert to see an artist she is very excited about. I am not so much excited to see the show, but I am excited to...