What is true love, really?


Our adult son who lives with us is out for the evening. I love that Joey lives with us, but it’s not horrible when he’s out. We live in a small house. Anyway, Randy and I hunkered down for the evening. I started to walk out of the bedroom when Randy started hitting my side of the bed. Me: What? You freaking gorilla. Randy: Where are you going? Me: I have to make my lunch. And I have...

U-Turn Sanity Check


I really did think Brood X would bother me, but I sort of dig the cicadas. I wouldn’t want this every year, but once every 17? The bizarre, intensely loud singing is either fascinating to me or is driving me insane. At least that is what I thought until this morning when I learned there is a simple test for “crazy”. The U-Turn Sanity Check. I mean, if you trust Randy’s...


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