Discussing Movies With a Friend, Then and Now


So, this whole post is loosely based on a conversation I had at work the other day, where I literally couldn’t remember the name of anyone who has ever been in a movie or directed a movie. Discussing movies, age 28: Me: Have you seen Cape Fear yet? With DeNiro and Nick Nolte? Friend: Not yet, I remember watching the original with my parents, though. Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck. Me: How...

You Can’t Get There From Here

photo of Ohio River taken from the Anderson Ferry

So, Randy and I live just west of downtown Cincinnati. Just a few miles from the Ohio River. When we bought this house, our plan was to move to northern Kentucky. I grew up there, my family lives there. It’s familiar. I’m glad those plans didn’t work out. We live just on the other side of the river from a house that we made an offer on, but didn’t get. Not getting that...

The Joys of Vertigo and Magic Crystals In Your Ears:


So, I have had a full week of vertigo. Not the Alfred Hitchcock movie. I wish I had spent the last week with Vertigo on repeat rather than always feeling like I just stepped off the Tea Cup ride after having been on it for an hour. Probably. I mean, I am sick to death of laying in bed and watching TV. I’d probably be completely bonkers if I had to watch the same thing the whole time. I...


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