Maybe Just A Little Good Karma?


First of all, I have always believed that Karma is bullshit. Sure, what goes around very often comes around, but there are way too many motherfuckers walking around living fabulous lives who do terrible things. Still, I do like the thought of good Karma. I thought perhaps Randy and I snagged ourselves a little of the good Karma Saturday night, but now I’m not so sure. We had a fairly lovely...

What is true love, really?


Our adult son who lives with us is out for the evening. I love that Joey lives with us, but it’s not horrible when he’s out. We live in a small house. Anyway, Randy and I hunkered down for the evening. I started to walk out of the bedroom when Randy started hitting my side of the bed. Me: What? You freaking gorilla. Randy: Where are you going? Me: I have to make my lunch. And I have...


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