Brood X or Florida Congressperson?

Brood X cicada

I waited 17 years for this opportunity. I have a face that says “Swat me. For the love of God, swat my face”. I make a lot of noise because I want sex. All the noise I make is for sex. I can’t help it if my eyes are weird, off-putting, and look like a special effect. Click click click click click. Never trust the wingman. Screech screech screech. I’m emerging from my nymph stage and will soon be...

What to Expect After Getting Your Covid-19 Vaccine

bowl of ice cream

In Ohio, vaccinated people can enter a lottery for 5 chances to win a million dollars five different times.. The vaccine rate went up 53%. I’m all for this. The more vaccines we get in arms, the safer we’ll be. We can take care of each other by getting the vaccination. I am astounded by how many people just don’t seem to be real interested in keeping the other humans safe. I...

I Guess I’ll Figure This Out


I haven’t written for anything other than here in a few years now. I had a nice little run for a couple of years where I got paid for my writing. I mean, I wasn’t going to get rich, but it’s nice to get paid for art. It feels good. Turns out, if you stop submitting your writing, then that all goes away. I decided I’d jump back in. I’m ready. I can be funny. I can be...


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