It’s No Wonder I Get Headaches


So, I said before that I hurt my back a few weekends ago. I had a follow up visit with my doctor. Like, in his office. All my other visits with him for the last year have been video visits. It was weird, but I didn’t hate it. I had to wear a bra though. That sucked. I mean, I guess I didn’t have to, but we all know what we get when decorum flies out the window. Anyway, it was a good...

The Street Where I Live


The street where I live?
Imagine if Charles Dickens described a typical working class neighborhood, but in the Midwest. And in 2021. Then, Thomas Kincaid paints the street, but he’s been disillusioned and is in a bad mood.
That’s what a painting of my street would look like.

Soul Wrenching Shin Whack


So, I had this thing happen. Super unpleasant. I can still feel it. You guys, we’ve been locked in so long now. It’s just stupid. I don’t mean that staying safe is stupid. Not at all. It’s just so fucking stupid to be in your own stupid fucking bedroom for a stupid number of months. I mean, We’re fine. Seriously. Fine, We’re fine. Anyway, we’ve made some...


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