I didn’t fall in a hole: Amazing Graceless is just ridiculous at this point


Maybe some of you remember that a few months ago I fell in all, hole and screwed up my knee? Well, last weekend we visited Tennessee to celebrate my birthday with our mountain friends. We were there about an hour before I re-injured my knee. I didn’t fall in a hole this time. However, I was taking a picture. Again. In early January, when I injured myself, I was taking a picture. This time...

Cringing: The Space Between Memories and Shuddering


In 1978, when I was 15 years old, I was introduced to my high school boyfriend’s aunt and uncle for the first time. It was summer. I wore shorts and a tube top with an open shirt over the tube top. I remember it well. They had just arrived and we were walking from his house. We met midway through the garage.  One side of my tube top had rolled down. I met his aunt and uncle with one of my...

Like Mother, Like Daughter


My mother and I are so different.
And so much alike.
I come from a long line of over thinkers. We’re good at it. My mother, Martha,  is the current world champion. I hope to inherit that title after she shuffles off her mortal coil. 30 years from now. She’s nearly 83. I think she can make it.