If I Could Save Time In A Bottle


I’d sell the shit out of that. Who doesn’t need more time? Speaking of time, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. This is the last day of vacation. When you read this, I will be back in cubicle. It doesn’t feel like I’ve had nine days off. Not even a little bit. We spent the early part of last week with our mountain friends and that blew by in about five minutes...

It’s All Fun and Games Until


Until what? What? When is anything all fun and games? I mean, even at a party, it’s not all fun and games. Sometimes there is cake and what if someone drops that cake? Is that fun? Is that a game to you? No. No, it is not. Because it’s wasted cake and that is just sad. But I digress. Last week wasn’t so much fun or games as it was weird. You know the weird, swimmy feeling you...

Three Hours ‘Til Dark


4th of July weekend, we were in the mountains of east Tennessee with our friends. We haven’t been to their mountain since February of 2020. We cooked and drank and laughed. We sat on their south porch and looked at the mountains. We played with kitties and listened to birds. We watched PeeWee’s Big Adventure. Randy and I sat in on band rehearsal. It was the first time we’ve seen...


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