The Kitty and I Had a Rough Week


I mean, it wasn’t the roughest week in the world. On a scale of “For all that is fucking holy, the pandemic is never going to end” to “Trump gets the 2024 nomination” it was about a “The grocery store is too fucking crowded and why aren’t those people wearing masks?” Our black kitty, Alfie, is a wheezy cat. He’s always snored a little, but the...

I Can Take A Punch


Randy and I were discussing celebrity chefs and I was reminded of a family reunion. Our baby boy, Joey will be 23 on April Fool’s day. When he was 2, we attended a family reunion on Randy’s side of the family. There were dozens and dozens of people there, so you know, it was my personal hell. Holy shit, you guys, the only thing I hate more than large gatherings is my yearly lady parts...

A Night Without Internet


A night without internet started like this. Something happened that was pretty cool. It stemmed from a mundane act, something that happens every evening. We feed the cats wet food every evening around 5:00. We have to feed them in separate rooms because Alfie is an asshole and chases Gertie away from her food. So, Alfie eats his dinner in the same spot every night and Gertie eats in whatever room...


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