Happy Clams (Or are they)?


Why are clams happy? And how does one determine happiness in a clam? I’ve seen clams. They don’t seem to display a broad range of emotions. Devastated clam Happy clam I mean, I don’t want to aspire to such loftiness as being as happy as a clam, but since it is Sunday, and Sundays tend to be gloomy for me, I am looking for reasons to be grateful. Reason One I was going to write a...

I Hereby Decree


Before starting I Hereby Decree, I want to honor a member of this community who passed. For those of you who have been here a while, you’ve probably seen Harry Hamid comment. Doug from Oakland sent a comment to me last week to let me know Harry died. I’m sorry he’s gone. I’m glad he was here. I love you all.  I’m sure you all saw or heard about the stupid president...


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