Climbing Out


Just a bit at a time. This year has been particularly difficult. Between injuries, some fucked up mental health issues, and blood pressure bullshit, I’m not at my best. I don’t do as much as I used to and I’m tired all the time. I thought it was mostly due to getting used to the new medicines. In fact, I discussed that possibility with my doctor on Friday. I told her that I felt...

How Does It Feel?


So, I haven’t been okay for a while.  This is likely to be all over the place, so buckle up. Maybe, take some anti-nausea medicine or something.
Just after my birthday, I had a panic attack, after not having a panic attack for years.

Fell In A Hole: Amazing Graceless Rides Again


Randy and I are not superstitious people. We don’t throw salt over our shoulders or worry about bad luck coming from broken mirrors or walking under ladders. We don’t even knock on wood. Hell, once I even got married on Friday the 13th. I mean, it didn’t work out. And that guy is dead now. But still. That being said, we’ve come to dread the month of January, because for a...