Well, I guess we are here now


After I get home from work in the evening, Randy and I walk in a cemetery. We park in the same place. We walk the same path. For years now, we have seen a black truck parked, in the same spot, where a young man works out by his truck. We never spoke to him until Tuesday evening. About half way through our figure eight walking path, the young man approached us and asked us if we saw an old lady...

Little Kitty: Ode To Geoffrey


Little Kitty lives across the street in Car Guy’s house. He is a tabby like our Gertie. Little Kitty has two tuxedo brothers named Leo and Big Kitty. They don’t visit, but Little Kitty does. He visits every evening when I go outside to sit. Sitting outside helps my mind relax a bit. It’s like if my brain had a bra on all day and then got to take it off. I have no idea where...

Prescription Drugs: Forties vs. Fifties


I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have at least a small issue with insomnia. I managed it okay, all the way up to around age 40. I don’t type so much as I retype. I have to backtrack at least every few words. For instance, I just wrote “all the way up to around age 400”. Then, I decided that wasn’t a typo. I feel 400 when insomnia is kicking my...


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