Kicking Ass and Taking Names


HAHAHAHAFUCKINGHAHAHAHA Yeah, that’s not what we’re doing. But goddamn, we are talking a really good game right now. Randy and I have decided to finally take care of issues we have with this house we bought. Nearly 4 years ago. First, we replaced the water heater. After finding roof damage, we just got a new roof which was covered under our homeowner’s insurance. Next week, our...

Spank It Like It’s Ham Salad


That’s what I’m going to do to 2022. Please note, I said “to” 2022, not “in” 2022. If I had said that I was going to spank it like it’s ham salad IN 2022, then this would be a very different blog post that I would never write.  I know it makes no sense, but how the fuck long has it been since anything made sense? Monday, Randy and I will celebrate our...

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle


I’d sell the shit out of that. Who doesn’t need more time? Speaking of time, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. This is the last day of vacation. When you read this, I will be back in cubicle. It doesn’t feel like I’ve had nine days off. Not even a little bit. We spent the early part of last week with our mountain friends and that blew by in about five minutes...


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