Prescription Drugs: Forties vs. Fifties


I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have at least a small issue with insomnia. I managed it okay, all the way up to around age 40. I don’t type so much as I retype. I have to backtrack at least every few words. For instance, I just wrote “all the way up to around age 400”. Then, I decided that wasn’t a typo. I feel 400 when insomnia is kicking my...

Slava Ukraini


I had some funny stories. I’ll tell them to you later. Please, if you can, consider sending support to Ukraine. Here are some suggestions. Doctors Without Borders.  The Art Of Living World Central Kitchen. Chef Jose Andres is a fucking saint. Also, please, make sure you are registered to vote. Make sure you vote in the midterms. It is so desperately important. In Missouri, they are...

I Need a Bag of Limes


So, you know how I got the flu and then got COVID and then the COVID kicked my ass? Well, funny story. Randy and Joey both got symptoms after I tested positive. Randy had a runny nose and mild head cold symptoms for a few days. Joey was sick to his stomach with a bad headache, but his symptoms cleared up in a couple days as well. So, last Thursday was the first day I felt good. I mean, I was weak...


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