Don’t Cry Over The Ugly Things, Baby


“Don’t cry over the ugly things, baby, cry over the beautiful things.” This is one of my favorite things that Randy has ever said to me. I remember his words and I remember to seek out the pretty things. I remember everything isn’t shit, even in this horrific year. 2021 is taking it’s own sweet fucking time getting here. I do, however, try to seek out things that...

Here We Are


Tomorrow, you guys, in the U.S., our future comes down to tomorrow. Please vote. Anyway, so I told you guys about Baby sister and my mom leaving the stuffed Halloween cat on our porch last week. Well, yesterday, I got this picture of them. Holy shit, I love them so much. Best Halloween picture ever. I also told you guys about performing standup virtually. The standup was a lot of fun, weird...

Make Something

colored pencils

Make something. Or tell me about something you’ve already made. I am a firm believer that the uglier the world gets, the more important it is that we make art. I’m failing miserably.


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