The Eye Of The Narcissism Storm

hurrican eye of the narcissism storm

We’re in the eye of the narcissism storm. Narcissistic Personality Disorder has been a theme of this blog years before the 2016 election. I’ve been fretting, screaming and pleading for years now. The stupid president couldn’t be more dangerous. He’s broken beyond repair and he’s collapsing. I’ve said many times this is going to get worse. And now we are here...

Narcissism: OMG No. No, It Will Not Get Better

hands tied by narcissm

I joined a group online a few years ago. A support group for empaths dealing with the aftermath of narcissism. It took until today for me to realize this is not a group I should belong to. Not because I’m not an empath. I am. Not because I don’t deal with the aftermath of narcissism. I do. But because I want to get out of the goddamn swamp. Nearly all the content are people lamenting...


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