An Unbiased View of Manspreading

public transportation

So, Randy sent me an article that likens “Manspreading” to “Mask Slipping”. It reminded me about an article I wrote years ago about “manspreading”, so I thought I would share it again. I would guess manspreaders are often the maskholes that wear their masks under their noses or use to just cover their chins, but not their nose and mouth. If your mask...

Why Are We Fighting?

person standing in water

I’ve seen a meme quite a few times over the past year. It’s of 45 hanging from the side of a building by his fingertips. The meme asks the question: What would you do? Some larger Twitter accounts posted the meme and the answers were resoundingly in the “I would step on his fingers” category. Followed closely by the “I would walk away and do nothing” category...

Double O Shut The Fuck Up


Oh my god. I thought this little controversy had run its course, but no, just today, I’m seeing people post polls about this. People are up in arms and pissed as fuck. And you guys, it really is super important issue. One which affects us now and our future generations. You know, something earth shattering, like climate change or babies being ripped from their families at our southern...


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