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  • Human EpiPen

    One thing I love about blogging is this tribe we have. I didn’t know that would happen. I wanted to write and blogging suits me. I didn’t know I’d get to meet so many fabulous people.

    It took me a few minutes to get to “fabulous”. I rejected “awesome” right off the bat because Randy says that I say “awesome” too much. I mean, it’s fair, I do use the word “awesome” a lot, but sometimes things are just awesome. Anyway, then I considered “incredible”, “broken” and “resplendent” before settling on “fabulous”. Fabulous isn’t enough though, so just add all those other words as well. Also, I don’t mean broken in a bad way, I mean broken in a way like Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pots with gold. The repairs make the pots more beautiful. I’m talking about that kind of broken. 

    But I digress.

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