Chicken Salad and The Sky Is Falling

Okay, this isn’t about Chicken Little. It’s mostly about chicken salad.

Maybe, a dash of Chicken Little.

Randy’s oldest daughter, husband and kids are visiting right now.

I love having these kids around. I’m also not used to being around little kids for extended period of time.

The youngest will turn 7 this Friday. She is precocious and whip smart. She’s also 6 years old.

She sat in my lap as we watched a Spiderman movie.

At one point, she sneezed about a billion times in a row, stuck her finger up her nose, then turned around and stroked my face and told me she loved me.

It was adorable. It’s also possible I have a sick day in my future.

Anyway, back to chicken salad.

Our visitors took off for a couple days to visit family in Indiana. They returned Sunday and I wanted to get some shopping done before they returned.

One of our favorite places to shop is Findlay market in Cincinnati.

Me: Hey, you want to go to Findlay market when they open? I want to get some tomatoes and nice chicken salad.

Randy: How do you know if chicken salad is nice or not?

Me: I’m perceptive when it comes to chicken salad.

Randy: Oh?

Me: Yeah, I can tell if it’s nice or mean. I can tell if it’s aloof.

Randy: Aloof?

Me: Too many onions.

So, we got our chicken salad and a tiny brownie pie we hid from everyone. We bought fruits and vegetables and managed to get back home before the temperature rose to gates of hell levels.

I have my chicken salad for lunch at work next week.

And I’m really hoping the sky doesn’t fall.

I’ve been embroiled in a data issue which has no end in sight yet. It’s kicking my ass. My inner Chicken Little is in full on freak out mode.

And while we’re on the subject, I think we’ve all been too hard on Chicken Little.

Regardless of whether or not the sky was falling, Chicken Little believed it was.

Chicken Little obviously had a significant anxiety disorder and needed our compassion.

Wish me luck this week. I’m going to need it.

Also, I have the slightest tickle in my throat.


Photo courtesy of Detonator.

7 Thoughts.

  1. Oh my gosh, that booger wiping tiny child moment is hilarious. At least you know she loves you. I am glad to hear that we are not the only people that hide food when we come in from the grocery store. Unfortunately Tank has a sixth sense. Uncanny – really. I have hidden donuts in a cabinet that holds nothing but platters and unused picture frames, and he KNOWS there are donuts in there. (He is capable of eating an entire box of donuts and leaving none for siblings who aren’t so sniff-oriented). Good luck with the data issue. That makes my in home daycare that I run during the school year sound dreamy.

  2. Thank you for that Monday laugh. I have a 10 month old grandson so I get the snot transfer from a childs nose to your face. One of those
    ” Smile anyway” moments.
    And the nice chicken salad? Of course you knew that it was nice. We are born with that ability.
    Happy week to you…..don’t think about that tickle.

  3. You shoulda licked her… I swear by it. First sick grandkid gets licked by Gramma. That way I get baby immunities. I haven’t had a cold or flu for a couple of years now… and I pick ‘Grandbaby Licking’ as my reasonable hypothesis 😀
    Having sneeze residue wiped on you in close proximity to your nasal passages might be just as good… I’ve never tried Boogar Therapy 😉
    I appreciate how you tied in Chicken Little’s anxiety and nervous disorder… just like us, one good support system away from self destruction.
    *fingers crossed*
    *positive vibes*
    I foresee brilliant insights and problems solved for your day of data managing <3
    You got this!

  4. Like you I’m willing to cut Chicken Little some slack. Maybe the sky wasn’t falling but an anxiety disorder should be treated seriously, and whether that was the cause of not it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. How do we know Chicken Little didn’t end up as chicken salad?

  5. Oh man, kid cooties! There’s no escaping them! Good luck on that front, and how wonderful that she loves you.
    I don’t believe in my life I’ve ever eaten chicken salad. I like tuna salad and detest egg salad, but I wonder how I never got to try chicken salad…..a little mystery in my life.
    And I do get the anxiety factor – there were times at my company that I just wanted to ‘pull the plug’.

  6. The San Pablo Avenue Poultry Company, when it was open, served the best chicken salad (sandwiches or not) in the East Bay, and nobody even knew they did. They were a meat market with a deli that only the locals knew was in there. My friend Vincent took me there on our lunch break once and I had to ask him “Why didn’t I know about this?” “Because you didn’t grow up two blocks up the street and know the family who owns it since your mom was a little girl.” They were open for seventy years before they went out of business a couple years ago. I remember there being green onions and dill pickles, but not enough to distract from the sort of chicken you get from a place with “Poultry Company” in its name…
    May the sky remain firmly up where it lives and may data issues resolve with a satisfying *snick* and may kid germs utterly fail to sicken the loving adults who come into contact with them at least this one time…

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