A Fierce Burst Of Love Pays It Forward

Tomorrow, December 19th, would have been our granddaughter McKinlee’s first birthday.

My stepdaughter and her family packed their bags and headed for a beach for the week. They will celebrate and mourn McKinlee’s life with both a beautiful view and unfamiliar surroundings.

McKinlee wasn’t here very long, but her time was fierce. She fought every day of her life and let people know in no uncertain terms she was in charge. McKinlee had a unique spirit that was impossible to deny.

Haley wants to honor McKinlee’s spirit on her birthday by helping other families who have babies struggling with congenital heart disease.

This year, in honor of McKinlee’s birthday, Haley would like to introduce Timmy. Timmy is the recipient of a donor heart and has a long road of recovery in front of him. Timmy’s facebook page can be found here. If you would like to donate please do so here. 

The cost associated with caring for a child with CHD can be devastating. The pain and uncertainty that goes with watching a child struggle is breathtaking. Having to worry about how to pay for even basic supplies is intolerable.

I am proud of my stepdaughter in a way I find hard to express. I am in awe of her.

She lives with a permanently broken heart, but she uses her experience to help other families as they watch their little ones fight CHD. She doesn’t run from her pain, she rushes headlong into it. It is not hard to figure out where McKinlee got at least part of her radiant spirit.

Haley encouraged me to share a picture of McKinlee with you. Here is one of my favorites:mckinlee

Thank you, as always, for reading. If you wouldn’t mind sharing as well I would be grateful. If you chose to donate to Timmy’s campaign, please leave a birthday message for McKinlee.

As Haley says, we can’t buy McKinlee gifts for her birthday, but we can do this.


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By Michelle