When You Have The Decision Making Skills Of An Ant Farm


I can’t blame ALL of my poor decision making skills on being the adult child of a narcissist. Even with my background, I seem to willfully make my life more difficult.

For instance:

The weather is perfect this morning. It’s cool and my flowers are popping and my coffee is perfect. I sat on my deck and contemplated all the things I need to do this morning before we make the long car trip to celebrate my granddaughter’s third birthday. I actually thought this: You know, I should just have a yard sale and sell all my houseplants. Because this is a reasonable alternative to watering them.

A few weeks ago, I got a speeding ticket. I had to pay $165. for my breaking bad moment which prevented me, again, from fixing our dead car.  I paid the fine online before the court date, so that is good. However, I did not have my proof of insurance when I got pulled over,  I was supposed to show the court proof of insurance; that was last week. I still haven’t dealt with this. Does this mean I have a warrant out for  my arrest? I might be writing my next blog post from a cell.

I suppose the fact that I have been married three times is a testament to my lack of good choices as well.

The reasons WHY my decision making skills have suffered might be valid, but the fact that I still have so much room for improvement rests entirely on me.

Now, I have to go. I have SO MUCH to get finished this morning. I’ve severely limited my time to due my decision to write this blog post.


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  • I sure have my stupid moments. Threw out a PC with the HDs still in it. Stupid. I almost mowed over the garden hose before my lovely wife stopped me. “What in the hell are you doing?” Duh… I don’t know. That actually worked in my favor as my SIL has a professional lawn mower and it takes him a quarter of the time to mow as it did me. I am banned from the lawn mower. It threw a rock prior to my above absurdity and it cracked my daughters rear car window. I guess the two added together caused me to be banned. Breaks my heart.

    I bought the big package for our Internet service and see that the cap. of 25GB/Month is barely going to be adequate whereas our old wireless had no cap. *sigh* Stupid.

    I’m blaming drugs.

  • I blame myself. Usually with a mischievous grin when I do.
    But for most of the bigger things, I run my potential stupidity past my wife. She’s pretty good at reeling me in and helping me see reason.

  • The only time in my life I ever made a good decision was when I decided to do the exact opposite of whatever I was planning to do. This is how I ended up with my awesome second husband, rather than a carbon copy of my idiot first.

    I make terrible life choices when left to my own devices. I’m going to start a reality show.

  • I can’t even make decisions. I put everything off until the last possible second and someone else decides. Unless it’s a decision about someone else’s life… then I’m happy to make it.

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