Discussing Movies With a Friend, Then and Now

So, this whole post is loosely based on a conversation I had at work the other day, where I literally couldn’t remember the name of anyone who has ever been in a movie or directed a movie.

Discussing movies, age 28:

Me: Have you seen Cape Fear yet? With DeNiro and Nick Nolte?

Friend: Not yet, I remember watching the original with my parents, though. Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck.

Me: How come people look so old in the old movies? Like they were our age at the time, but lookedrialto movie theater really old.

Friend: I think it was the hair.

Me: Speaking of old movies, I just rented all the Thin Man movies from Blockbuster. Myrna Loy is my hero.

Friend: I’ll drink to that.

Friend: By the way, you said you were going to see Barton Fink. Did you like it?

Me: I love John Turturro, but that movie was disturbing. I loved Raising Arizona by the Coen brothers, but this one was too disturbing.

Friend: Hmmmm, you probably aren’t going to like Silence Of The Lambs then.

Me: But it’s Anthony Hopkins. I’m still going to see it.

Me: Hey, it’s almost midnight, wanna go watch Rocky Horror again? We can make it to the Esquire before it starts.

Friend: Good idea. Coffee afterward?

Discussing movies, age 58:

Me: Who is that one guy? You know, he played Frank Booth in Blue Velvet.

Friend: Dean Stockwell

Me: No. No not Dean Stockwell, the other guy, he was in Easy Rider.

Friend: Harry Dean Stanton.

Me: No. There’s no “Dean” in his name. But I think there’s a D.

Friend: That’s what she said.


Me: His character was so fucked up in Blue Velvet.

Me: Wait, who directed Blue Velvet?

Friend: Are we doing this again?

Me: C’mon. Elephant Man. Mulholland Drive.

Friend: Stanley Kubrick?

Me: No, that’s not it. Twin Peaks for fuck’s sake.

Me: Hey Google. Who directed Twin Peaks?

Me: David Lynch. Jeez.

Friend: It’s only 8:30, wanna watch a movie?

Me: Sure.

Friend: PeeWee’s Big Adventure?

Me: Always a good choice.

Ten minutes later…

Friend: zzzzzzzzzzz

Me: zzzzzzzzzz

Okay, so when I was writing the first part, I absolutely could not come up with Nick Nolte’s name. And there was no way I was looking it up.

So, I just had a brand new conversation in my head like the ones in this post. “Cmon, 48 Hours. Cannery Row. Down And Out In Beverly Hills. You can do this. You make noises like this actor whenever you stand up…c’mon…NICK FUCKING NOLTE. Yes.”

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