Washing Dishes And Drinking Vodka

Its possible that I’ve broken the ‘no booze on Sunday’ rule.

Not a lot…just a little. Also…YAY VODKA!

These are the things I am thinking about:

Corporate America is B U L L S H I T.

It’s a bunch of people sucking each other’s dicks and doing their best to look good and it’s all bullshit. Fucking hell…if we could just get the ego and the greed out of business..that’s all we need. Get the ego and the greed out and the rest of us could sigh a big goddamn sigh of relief.

We still care if same sex people marry each other? BULLSHIT!!! How about this? Why don’t we worry about equal pay for equal work. We can also worry about education for all the American citizens. Good and free education. We can do this. And stop fucking worrying about who is marrying who. IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Train wrecks are not entertainment.

We are supposed to be happy more often than sad.

We are all valid.

Showing heads getting chopped off is more obscene than a naked breast.

No means no.

Okay…more than no means no: It does not matter if a woman walks out in fishnet stockings and stilletos and nothing else..sure, that isn’t wise, but if she is sexually assaulted, it’s still not her fault.

Men should be up in arms about this. They should be screaming at the top of their lungs: We are better than this. We don’t assault women because they drive us to abuse. If one of us abuses a woman, it’s because they are an asshole and broken….but we don’t need to hide behind the ‘she was asking for it’ shield.

Alan Rickman is sexy as fuck.

Sometimes, the cover is better than the original. Not often, but sometimes it is. I’m going to go ahead and say that the Cowboy Junkies version of Sweet Jane is better than Lou Reed’s original. Randy vehemently disagrees with this.

Dwelling on the past and saying things were better then is meaningless. If we want things to change, then we need to change it. Let’s not rely on our kids…we still have a voice. Let’s just start doing what is right.

What is right for me? More than likely it’s calling in sick tomorrow.


It’s tomorrow.

I am at work.

I still feel the same way about the above things, I just feel that way with a little bit of dry mouth, queasy stomach and slightly pounding headache.

yay vodka.


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