Don’t Listen To Me, I Have No Idea What I’m Talking About


My mother has said that to me on more than one occasion. She gives advice and follows up with: You KNOW I don’t know what I’m talking about. Don’t listen to me.

Yeah, keeping with that theme, I have to admit that I know absolutely NOTHING about blogging. Not the first fucking thing. Between this blog and my other blog, Rage Your Way Thin, I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years. Blogging. Yes. I am a blogger, just like any person with an internet connection can say.

Subcultures fascinate me. I love going to campgrounds or to the horse races or an old car show. It’s not the actual event that intrigues me, it’s the subculture that lives and understands old cars or horse racing. They have their own language and movements and etiquette. I suspect there is a real subculture among bloggers.

I have no idea what that subculture is.

I’m always mildly concerned that I’m committing a faux pas of some kind when I write. Seriously, I had a blogger contact me through email and she was SO NICE. She took the time to read my latest post and was very complimentary of it. Then she asked me to remove her from my blog roll on Rage Your Way Thin because Google thought it meant she was paying me to do that and it was doing something bad, somewhere. I have no idea what she was talking about. I assume it was hurting her Google ranking or something.

I was mildly horrified. I was fucking someone’s shit up! I immediately removed her and sent her a note back and then panicked a bit. I had a LOT of blogs on my blog roll. What if I was fucking THEIR shit up, too?  What if Google had them arrested? WHAT IF I SENT INNOCENT PEOPLE TO PRISON?

I’m always so afraid of making mistakes, as I’ve been writing about in my narcissism posts. It took me a while to even be able to blog at all because what if I said something dumb? HAHAHAHAH…as it turns out, I say dumb shit ALL THE TIME and I’m good with it.

I got over that and jumped in. No real plans and no real goal. You know, kind of like I’ve lived the first 5 decades of my life. I MIGHT be doing it wrong. Completely wrong. I am good with that, though. I’ve gotten some comments and emails from people who read my bullshit and I made them happy or inspired them or comforted them. I fucking LOVE THAT SHIT. I love it more than I love frozen crazy and waffles.

So I will keep doing this with no plan or rhyme or reason and it will continue to be something that calms that buzz in my head that keeps telling me how very not content I am.

I did NOT remove the other blogs from my blog roll because..fuck it. I assume they will let me know if I’m fucking their shit up.

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