Don’t Touch The Goat

This week has been trying.

I’d make a comment about understatements and that it’s been stressful, but I’m like a broken record by now.

Anyway, I haven’t written shit in days, but I miss you guys when I’m away, so here are a bunch of memes.

Hopefully life will be a normal level of chaos soon. XO

Some of these memes are mine. The goat ones are Randy. I love my weird ass husband. 

Add your comments below. Profanity is encouraged, but not required. ;)
  1. Michelle says:

    testing comments.

  2. I haven’t posted for a week and a half and I feel like I’m going through detox or something. I haven’t posted memes yet. Maybe that’s the way to go, because I do like goats.

  3. I came here to share a kind thought, I stayed for Conspiracy Goat. When I leave I will leave kind thoughts, but before I go I will touch the goat.
    That’s the kind of guy I am. When there’s a sign that says “Don’t touch the goat” I touch the goat. When there’s a sign that says, “If you have a kind thought for a fellow human, don’t keep that shit to yourself” I don’t keep that shit to myself.
    It’s complicated. There’s too much about life that’s complicated in bad ways but we can compensate with shit that’s complicated in good ways.

  4. Lisa K says:

    Aww…. you’re ALWAYS thinking of us… your loyal rockin’ fan base <3
    Thank you <3

  5. Doug in Oakland says:

    Goat? What goat? I don’t see any goat. What’s that? This thing? Is that a goat? Well if it is a goat, I may have touched it, but only a little…
    May you be feeling much better very soon.

  6. mydangblog says:

    That goat though! And I hope things start to get better VERY soon for you:-)

  7. KK says:

    Here’s hoping next week is an improvement. Speaking of improvements, conspiracy goat may be on to something. Is he running for election?

  8. Patti says:

    I had to share your kind thoughts meme I fb. That’s my kind of sweet talk, all mushy and I will wait patiently, your stories help.

  9. Lola says:

    Don’t keep that shit to yourself. LOVE it.

  10. Red says:

    I liked them all, but the Cat one made me laugh.

  11. Lori says:

    LOL I love conspiracy goat! Sending you positive vibes. Miss your post. Hope your house stuff gets resolved soon.

  12. emelle says:

    I very much love the last one.
    Also, I’M CAUGHT UP! From about a month’s blogging (and blog-reading) hiatus! Woo Hoo! Now I just have to remember to come back to see what you’ve replied, as you are So Very Good at replying to comments.
    At this point in YOUR life, I am all about sending the positive vibes. The inspection will go through; Trevor will complete the sale; you and Randy will find your “next” home in the city; all of your beautiful selves will get moved in. All of the stresses of the last year will be but a memory, soon enough.

    • Michelle says:

      I can’t wait. The inspection wasn’t horrible except one thing. We have goddamn termites.

      • Anne says:

        Years ago when termites turned up in our cute little starter house, I went to the public library to read up on the little buggers. The only thing I found was a 1948 Cornell University publication titled “The Termite, Our Enemy.” Yup, that pretty much summed it up.