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Oh my god. I thought this little controversy had run its course, but no, just today, I’m seeing people post polls about this.

People are up in arms and pissed as fuck. And you guys, it really is super important issue. One which affects us now and our future generations. You know, something earth shattering, like climate change or babies being ripped from their families at our southern border.

So many white people are losing their shit over Idris Elba possibly playing James Bond.

A few thoughts:

  • We’re talking Idris Elba here. Any opportunity to see Idris Elba is a good thing. Damn, he is fine.
  • James Bond isn’t a real person. He is fictional. It doesn’t fucking matter who plays him.
  • Yes, it would be stupid to have a white person playing the Black Panther.
  • Being white isn’t an aspect of James Bond’s character.
  • Being black is an aspect of the Black Panther’s character.
  • A lot of white people are racist.

Apparently, someone or multiple someones, took the time to make Idris Elba stickers with the words “not my 007” and stuck them on subway walls.

Fucking really?

How are we ever going to make any progress when shit like this is constantly going on?

Why do we constantly focus on the color of a person’s skin? Idris Elba would make a fine ass James Bond.

I am sure whoever ends up getting the role will do a wonderful job.

I didn’t really care who that would be until now. Now, I want it to be Idris Elba.

Perhaps, once we get this whole James Bond thing ironed out, we can focus on some other issues.

Like the heartbeat bill in Georgia and my state of Ohio.

Perhaps, we can focus on the fact that women are having their rights as human beings stripped away from them.

Did you know that there is a representative in Ohio, John Becker, who introduced legislation regarding ectopic or tubal pregnancies?

Yeah, a tubal pregnancy will kill you. The way to keep the mother from dying is to terminate the pregnancy.

John Becker, in his not so infinitive wisdom, says in order to keep tubal pregnancies from ending in abortion, doctors will remove the zygote from the fallopian tube and implant it in the uterus.

Except this procedure isn’t a thing. It’s not a goddamn thing.

In Georgia, part of their abortion ban includes imprisonment for up to 10 years for even planning to go out of state for an abortion. Conspiracy to commit murder.

Women can also be charged with murder if they have a miscarriage and it can be proved the woman caused the miscarriage through her behavior.

I’m sure a law like this will be fairly used. Of course it will. I am positive that women of color won’t be locked up left and right because they lost a pregnancy.

We really could use that sarcasm font, couldn’t we? 

Seriously though, once weed becomes federally legal, how on earth will the for profit prisons keep raking in the money? This one is easy. Lock up black women who have miscarriages.

Think that is far-fetched? Let’s just wait and see. I would love to be wrong about this, but I’m not. I’m sure I’m not.

When you die, it is illegal for anyone to remove your organs or tissue for use in life saving medical procedures unless you have given your express written consent to have your organs used after you are dead.

This means, that in Ohio and Georgia, actual corpses have more autonomy than women.

This cannot stand.

I understand these laws will be tested in courts.

I also know our courts, all the way to the Supreme Court, are being stacked.

This is the part where everything starts falling apart.

I’m running on fumes. I am tired. I am disheartened. I don’t understand what life is in my country anymore. Not enough people are paying attention. We could find ourselves in a theocracy, autocracy or a dictatorship. This shit could happen.

I know we’re tired, but we have to find the stamina we need to keep going.

Maybe, James Bond can help us out.

Sorry to be a day late and that everything looks different. My blog theme decided it couldn’t work with me anymore and split. This is the one Randy came up with yesterday. I think there’s still a little work that needs to be done. But at least my blog isn’t sick anymore. 


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  • Let’s drive them even more insane and have a female “Jane (or Jamie) Bond”. A kickass female 007. Some tough, redhead Irish woman to boot.

  • Pretty sure there’s a shared mentality between those subway-posting people and supporters of the abortion ban. Seems we still have a ways to go in this fucked up world before any correction. Sigh.

  • **Cue that James Bond theme, I NEVER get tired of it!!!**
    Oh yeah, my ex-husband tried to make an issue of his opinion that I “rode dangerous equines” in some bastardized attempt to terminate my pregnancy w/my son to prove that I was an unfit mother??!!?? (I still can’t believe his attorney was ignorant enough to put that in writing but fortunately completely ignored by the judge)
    I had clearance from my ob/gyn to ride “as long as it was comfortable” which held true until my 8th month, then I switched to the donkey cart

  • Let me get the important shit out of the way first: I like the new look.
    Also just once I want to get into a debate with one of these assholes who think abortion and all forms of birth control should be completely outlawed. I did get into a debate once with one of those assholes who told me that the whole “legitimate rape” claim that Rep. Todd Akin made was perfectly valid and then he wouldn’t say anymore because he said I wasn’t being fair by bringing up facts and science. I’ve noticed that science is always the first thing to get tossed in these debates.
    And I’d love to see Idris Elba as James Bond. That would be the first James Bond movie I’d actually see in the theater in over twenty years.
    I’m also pretty sick of white people who think playing Black Panther is an excuse to put on blackface. It’s not.

  • I start out every morning wondering,”What have they done now?”
    It never used to be this way. I had my own crap to worry about and it was a lot. I finally get my shit together, and now outside forces piss me off EVERY DAMN DAY.

  • the blog theme is fine, I am just glad to see you. I worried when I didn’t see you yesterday.
    I am deep in funk and depression, and am grateful that you have the energy and stamina to go out and fight the fight in any way.
    thanks for always having good writing and a good message.

  • Oh, good news about progress, though! (I’m having trouble feeling it but can think it.)
    Kid 2 just graduated college. The LGBTQ+ group had a school-sponsored Lavender Ceremony, prior to the actual commencement, with two deans, several professors, and many students in attendance. It made me sad that there weren’t more parents.
    The graduates all go a rainbow stole, like high-honors stoles but with a rainbow. They wore them when they crossed the stage at actual commencement.
    Apparently lavender ceremonies are a thing that is happening in many colleges. This maay signal hope of some kind for the future.

  • I read a hypothesis once that likened James Bond to Doctor Who. Same title, different people. People have a fit every time a new Bond is proposed, but I think Idris Elba will make a fine Bond. However I really like Bob’s idea for a female Bond. Why not?

  • Of course they would attack women of color. They are the backbone of the Democratic party, and they are right to be afraid of them.
    Here’s a comment I made yesterday on the abortion laws:

    Why are right wingers so afraid of women?

    The first written mention of abortion is from 1550 BC, and almost no-one besides the Catholics, not even evangelical Christians, gave a rat’s ass about it until the right turned it into a campaign “wedge issue” and started lying their asses off about it in order to scare idiots into voting for them.

    If the goddamn Republicans don’t want a massive backlash from women like the one that kicked their asses last year, maybe trying to turn the country into “The Handmaid’s Tale” isn’t the best way to avoid one.

    There was a group of women who came together in Chicago before the Roe decision who called themselves the Jane collective and they developed resources for women who needed abortions, and upon the realization that the abortionists they were referring women to weren’t licensed doctors, they demanded to be trained by them themselves so they could perform the procedure for women who needed it without charging them $500 to $1,000 for it. They set the price at $100 because they figured that if they averaged $50 they could break even and continue to provide the service to the women who needed it and treat them with the dignity and respect they almost never got from the male abortionists.

    They disbanded after the Roe decision because of the legal jeopardy they were in from operating without medical licenses and the fact that safe, legal, abortions were available elsewhere then.

    People who know about them, and a few of the participants are now looking to their story for ways to go forward in this newly insanely restrictive legal climate.

    Abortions will never go away. All restrictions will ever do is make poor women miserable and fuck up their lives, all for a bullshit campaign issue.

    And as always, the men who caused the unintended pregnancies face no consequences whatsoever. If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament, clinics would be as common as Starbucks, and abortion pills would come in 32 flavors from vending machines in supermarkets.

  • I don’t care what race, creed or color James Bond is, as long as he is played with a sense of humor. Daniel Craig is a decent actor who I have liked in other shows, but he plays Bond too deadly boring serious. Yes, the Bond franchise has often been misogynist, sexist, sometimes racist, but the element of tongue-in-cheek needs to be there.
    Oh, and the other stuff here–yeah, I worry about that every day, that we’re turning into some right-wing dystopia and the press is like: “some people don’t like trump,” rather than “the world is on fire and democracy is nearly dead and stupid people are out-shouting smart ones.”

  • Feeling blindsided by how swiftly some of the rights and privileges I have taken for granted all my life have been jettisoned or threatened.
    Is this all because white men are losing their King-of-the-Hill status in the world? So they have to have one big temper tantrum and destroy what so many men and women have worked and died for in the past 250 years?
    If so, let’s hope it’s the dying gasp of a bigoted patriarchy.
    Gave $ to Warren today. Leadership with clear principals and values. And lots of guts. But I will work for ANY candidate who wins the nomination. And don’t forget your state and local elections. Georgia and Ohio need our help! How can we help?

    • Well, keep your eye out, because from what I understand there are 15 mores states lining up. I think the best we can do is support candidates who will oust these motherfuckers. And march when it comes to that.

  • Preach!
    And for reals, if this bullshit keeps up, I’m packing my bags and headed to South America to teach. My depression and anxiety can’t take it anymore.

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