Randy has been taking these pictures and telling me little stories as a way to remind me he’s thinking of me. He does this in the hopes that it makes me happy for a few minutes and help step away from my anxiety. He’s so sweet.

Who is Dude?

He’s a stuffed dog we bought in a Florida art Dude
gallery November ’16. Dude’s been “brought to life” and he’s a lovable troublemaker. We’ve taken him grocery shopping, on vacation, and to parks. Dude gets smiles and laughs wherever he goes. How can you look at that face and not smile?

Dude Begins

Dude Fetches Mail

Dude Grocery Shops Again

Dude’s First Vacation

Dude’s First Vacation Day Two

Dude Does Big Bone Lick, Pt. 1

Dude Does Big Bone Lick, Pt. 2

Year End Dude





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