11 Names For Your Christmas Puppy


Are you getting a puppy for your kids for Christmas? Let me help you with a name!

  1. Oh god, why did we do this?
  2. We did not think this through.
  3. There is shit everywhere.
  4. Seriously, how does so much shit come out of one little puppy?
  5. Please don’t get hit by a car.
  6. It just ate the couch cushion.
  7. I blame your mother.
  8. Aww, look how cute he is.
  9. They are going to shit when they see him.
  10. How would we even notice?
  11. Rex.

Dude time!

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  • Those are great names.
    We were given a puppy for Christmas. Who does that?
    I was casually asked what dog breeds I like and I said Old English Sheepdog. It was said with the same nonchalance as what kind of seafood do you like or what car manufacturer do you like. Never in a million years did I think some one I hardly knew would buy me a dog! Well we had our beloved earl for 16 years and she was terrific but….

  • Never gotten an animal for Christmas, but sort of got a kitten for my birthday once. My irresponsible room mates got a tiny little kitten supposedly for their four year old daughter Kelli. Kelli, though, was a holy terror, and as soon as the kitten was turned loose in the living room she started terrorizing it. It scampered away and disappeared, only to reappear climbing up from behind the couch where I was sitting, crawled across my shoulder and down the neck of the thick sweater I was wearing, whereupon he turned around and poked his head up above the collar. Briana remarked “It looks like you have a cat.” He enjoyed playing Briana’s bass when she would lean it against her amp. We named him Gato. He went with my room mates when they moved to the Oakland hills, and I don’t know what became of him after that.

  • Our dogs are named after historic Canadian politicians. We should have just named them “sniff it, lick it, or eat it #1 and #2”. Mind you that name would probably do for the historic politicians too.

  • No dogs for Christmas at our house – although we got a kitten for Christmas a couple of years ago. She should have been named “bolt for cover” because she spent most of the holiday season hiding from everyone – she’s still a gutless wonder to this day….

  • How timely: the sister of our youngest just had a litter of her own. And we’re getting a puppy.
    Just not for Christmas. It’ll be February.
    Anyway I’m surprised you didn’t put “Liberace” on the list. Surely you’ve heard the old joke about naming the youngest dog Liberace…because he’s the pianist.
    Yeah, you have to say it out loud.

  • My wife talked me into getting another puppy. It’s not for kids (they are grown) or even Christmas (won’t be weaned until February), but for a companion to our 3 year old 90 pound golden retriever. We are currently in the “arguing about names” phase of the process. I think your suggestions would be most accurate as she has already forgotten how much fun/not fun it was the first time we did it. Why did I let her talk me into this? Well, my brand new Jeep Wrangler sitting in the driveway might have had some influence. Everything will be fine. Probably.

    • HAHAHA..yeah, there is always give and take. Get a Jeep..get a puppy.

      We’ve never had pets, but Randy is talking about getting me a kitten for Christmas. I’m pretty excited.

  • haha definitely we have all had a “Oh god, why did we do this?” moment, for us on more than one occasion 🙂 it’s all good fun though and the kids absolutely love having a dog as an extra play buddy.

    • We got a kitten for Christmas and I haven’t had any “why did we do this” moments..but it has changed things a bit. He’s so sweet though. I just can’t eat or drink anything ever without being pestered.

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