What’s The First Rule Of Gong Ball?

The first rule of Gong Ball is to talk a lot of shit.

We spent the weekend with our friends Lizzie and Ruel who are half of the band The Madisons.

I’m going to digress right here for a minute, because I want to say this: I listen to music on Spotify all day long at work, this is the only way I can write code. I need music that I know and love blaring in my ears, or I’m not going to get any work done. The music calms the savage chimpanzee that lives in my brain. Within seconds, the monkey calms down and listens to music and I work away happily. I don’t even hear the songs after the first 30 to 60 seconds. Unless it’s The Madisons playing. Every time I get to their songs on my Spotify lists, all work stops and I listen. Do yourself a favor and check them out.


Gong Ball. Gong Ball is a fiercely competitive sport in which the participants shoot rubber bands across a music studio at a gong. If the rubber band rings the gong, then you get a point. I think more important than the actual gong ringing, is talking shit about how much you are going to kick every one’s ass at gong ball. I did my share of shit talking before we even got there.

The Gong
The Gong

I shot no less than 12,000 rubber bands and I made the gong ring twice.


The Aftermath
The Aftermath

I even suffered Gong Ball related injuries as I scratched the shit out of my arm when I was pulling the rubber band back. I have no idea how I managed this. Alcohol was involved. Also, the more I drink, the more likely I am to call Gong Ball, Gong Bong.

I suffered and I lost
I suffered and I lost

Lizzie Harrah is a wonderful woman. She is talented and gorgeous and so much fun to hang out with. But one thing she is not, is the Gong Ball champion of the world. She has been dethroned.

Randy spent his high school years honing the craft of shooting people with rubber bands. It sounds like it was a waste of four years of school, but 36 years later, this intense training paid off and he is now the Gong Ball champion of the world.

He also turned the sport upside down with his technique of shooting multiple rubber bands at the same time. He also employed the ‘twist the rubber band up before you shoot it’ method. According to Ruel, there is going to be a committee meeting on the validity of these moves.

Lizzie also mentioned that her gong was a gift from someone and it was meant as a peaceful, zen-like symbol….and she turned it into a tool for a bloodthirsty competition. I love her.

I hope Randy enjoys his Gong Ball crown because I’m pretty sure Lizzie is training daily in preparation for our next visit. Which can’t come soon enough. Because in addition to the Gong Ball crown, we have art work to finish.

Oh, and I know that monkeys and chimpanzees are two different species. As it were, I have both living in my head. They get along nicely with the honey badger.

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  • Gong Bong sounds right up my ally! I also spent 4 years of high school and 4 additional years in the United States Navy learning and perfecting the art of shooting rubber bands. I must participate in this bloodthirsty competition!

  • Heh heh heh heh, I love people that never grow up, much more fun to be around!
    Now I want a gong…and T-Rex is playing in my head

  • Reminds me of a game my brother in laws made up (?) that they called “mumblypeg”, or it was possibly handed down from their grandpa’s logging camp days.

    The point of it, as I recall, had something to do with the guys sitting around a cut round from a tree (before you split it into firewood), taking turns flipping an open pocket knife over really quick and hoping it sticks into the wood. It was all in the wrist.

    Pretty sure I have it on video somewhere in the archives, and also pretty sure alcohol was involved.

    I tell our kids that THIS was what we did at family gatherings, before everyone got Facebook on their smart phones.

  • Is technology allowed? You could make rubber band guns. Maybe that guy from the slingshot channel on youtube could design you one.

  • OK, first of all, you WRITE CODE??? That is frickin awesome. One of my HS friends teaches Computer Science and she is leading a camp for girls who want to code this summer. Really cool. I’m an English prof. I have no idea about code.

    Second of all, I’m getting my son a gong for his little make-shift studio. Wait, maybe not. He will leave the rubber bands on the floor and I will end up pulling them out of the dog’s ass.

    On that note, I’d better get back to work. 🙂


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