Hang On

Remember that poster of the kitty hanging from a branch which read “Hang on”?

Yeah. Do that.

Everything feels horrible and weird right now and I am sorry. More than anything, I hope you all are safe.

We’re not alone, even if we are isolated. We all exist. We just exist, you know, away from each other.

My son’s dog, Gomez died.

Gomez has lived with my mom and sister for years now. My sister had to make a hard, horrifying decision after the little guy took a turn in the night. He was old and one of those smushy faced dogs that have breathing issues.

I felt bad for her and for my son. And for me. I loved Gomez. He was a good dog.

I talked to my sister on the phone and listened to her grieve.

More than anything, I wanted to make the short drive to their house and give her a long hug. But I can’t.

It sucks to have to process grief during the pandemic.

Life is hard.

I have so much care and concern for people who are dealing with difficult life events in the middle of a pandemic.

I’m trying to make at least somewhat good use of my time.

For instance, I attempted to make a spinach souffle today. I didn’t have a souffle dish, so I used a small baking dish. It came out as a weird square omelet. Joey rated it disgusting.

I didn’t think it was bad.

I also got a new writing gig which was unexpected and much appreciated. I had to make an Instagram teaser video for the article, which is funny because I don’t even have an Instagram account. It took a while to get through the video process because Joey would wait until I started talking and start saying “Balls balls balls balls balls”. He’s super funny.

We’re prepared and ready for the next two weeks, which I suspect will be breathtakingly bad.

Hold each other close.

I love you all.

Also, I’ve learned if you don’t have a souffle dish, then you can’t make souffle.




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  • My best coworker ever – My Priscilla – ‘cept she called me Chencha – moved to Arizona. Our last day together was supposed to be April 2nd. We didn’t get that and had to meet in the library parking lot for a last hug and teary good-bye. She LOVES parties and she was gonna get one, and then she didn’t and now I can’t watch her videos and she is young enough to think we’re gonna stay in touch and I’m old enough to know better :'(
    I’m so sorry about Gomez. I have loved him from afar and know how much he meant to all of you.

    ‘Hang in there’ is the most appropriate and comforting sentence we can utter these days.

  • A good friend lost her cat. She had to take him to the vet and pay a huge amount of money to put him to sleep. Talk about gouging. I’m so sorry about Gomez. He was adorable. These are harder times on some of us because of the unexpected events we can do nothing about. I feel so strongly about the isolation people have in the hospital just before passing – alone and without the ability to say goodbye to loved ones.

    To all of you that I come together with, on line, through blogs- Please still be here when this is all over. Stay safe.

  • You are right. We must hang in there. Maybe when this passes “they’ll” find a cure for stupid. Stay safe everyone!

  • Somehow the news of other people hanging in there is helping me hang in there. As is being able to have video chats with friends I can’t see any other way. I’m trying to create a different look for each video chat or meeting and sometimes I can almost convince myself the worst thing that could happen is I’ll run out of hats.
    So much of my life seems to have been online even before this though that I feel like I’m there when I can’t really be there. And I am there for you and your son after the loss of Gomez.

  • My condolences about Gomez and I would have eaten your weird square omelet souffle. Have you ever heard of fritata? We used to serve it at the Buttercup, and what we served for seven American dollars a slice sounds a lot like what you describe.
    Did you see the queen’s speech? I thought it was good. She quoted Vera Lynn: “We will meet again.”
    Zsuzs started feeling ill last night, and I am hoping she’s OK but at the same time I’m a little scared. We’re snowed in again and I have some doubts about our abilities to care for one another in compromised health for extended periods if we all three come down with it. Or should that be all five of us? Can cats get it?
    Apparently they can.
    I can only imagine how pissed Littlebeast and Squeaker will be if we give them this awful disease while it’s snowing outside…
    Please do hang in there, and good luck with the writing gig.

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