He could have been famous. You don’t know.

So, a few local Kia dealerships were offering an anti-theft upgrade to the computer system. As we own a Kia and would prefer that it not get stolen, we decided to take advantage of the offer.

By “we”, I mean Randy took care of it.

He drove 30 miles north, but it’s all expressway on a Sunday morning, so you know, not bad.

I guess they made a big thing out of this. Randy said there were heated tents with drinks, chips, and fresh fruit. He called me while he waited in the tent.

Randy: So, this absolutely stunning woman just walked up to me and started talking to me.

Me: Nice!

Randy: She asked me if I was worried about our car getting stolen. I told her that we were planning a trip soon and since Kia’s get stolen a lot, we didn’t want to have to walk home. And that made her laugh.

Me: Uh huh.

Randy: Really. It wasn’t polite laughter or anything.

Me: Uh huh.

Randy: I thought she must work for Kia, so I asked. She said no and that she wanted to interview me for the news. I asked her who she was with and she said “Fox”. I told her no.

Me: Hahaha

Randy: She asked me why and I said, because it’s Fox. She said they were local and not affiliated with the national network. I told her it was still Fox and no.

Me: Good.

Randy: She was taken aback. I guess she figured most people want to be on TV.

Me: True. And to be fair, there is a good chance you would have said no anyway.

Randy: I probably would have said no anyway.

So, my husband had a shot to make his television debut in the greater Cincinnati area and he blew it.

On the plus side, we now have less of a chance of our car being stolen.


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  1. Good for Randy!!! Anything Fox affiliated is NO for me too! Their reputation and alliance with Trump has turned me off them forever.

    I have a Kia and haven’t gone in for the anti-theft thing yet. I keep thinking, yes, yes, I’ll get to it. Guess I should stop procrastinating, lest I come out one morning to go to work and there’s no Kia waiting for me… ‍♀️

  2. Luckily I ran across this on FaceBook – although usually you show up through my e-mail. What’s that about? As much as I hate Fox “News”, I feel sorry for regular Fox because the affiliation really has a negative knee jerk reaction.
    Hope car thieves don’t figure out a way around the anti-theft device and you enjoy your car for as long as you want it.
    You feeling better?

  3. If Randy had a guitar with him and still turned down the chance to be on TV, even if it was on Fox, or at least a local affiliate, that could have been a missed opportunity. But I’m glad he stuck by his principles.
    I also bet his joke made her wish she could have gotten him on camera. Maybe she gave that “We wouldn’t want to walk home” line to somebody else.

  4. I am assuming that you are personally responsible for the electoral victories in your state of the abortion and weed issues, because that’s just the kind of motherfucker I am.
    I will ask my friend Rob, who knows everything about cars, about the Kia theft thing. He lives and works in Oakland, which has maybe the highest rate of car theft anywhere.
    I sometimes click on the stories from local Fox affiliates that show up in my news feed, but not always. Fuck Fox. Fuck them sideways.

  5. Well, Randy may have been made locally famous on TV, but he’s got it better than that — you’ve made him globally famous on your blog. Take that local news station. Guess stunning woman can just walk that back to her bosses cuz Randy’s not for sale. Ha! 😉

  6. OK, Rob said that generally speaking, the only way to keep your Kia from being stolen is to drive something else. He didn’t mention the software upgrade, though, so I’m not sure he knows about it. He did say that one way to prevent theft is to get a wiring diagram (which he says are easily available because thieves don’t bother with them because the cars are so easy to steal) and find the wire that runs from the computer to the ignition, cut it, and install a toggle switch between the cut ends, and hide the switch where a thief wouldn’t see it, turn it off when you leave the car, and back on when you want to drive.
    That sounds like a pain in the ass to me, so I would suggest relying on your software upgrade and just never parking it in Oakland, where the car thieves are really next level…
    Anyway, good luck!

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