Here We Are

Tomorrow, you guys, in the U.S., our future comes down to tomorrow.

Please vote.

Anyway, so I told you guys about Baby sister and my mom leaving the stuffed Halloween cat on our porch last week. Well, yesterday, I got this picture of them.

Baby sister and Mom Halloween 2020

Holy shit, I love them so much. Best Halloween picture ever.

I also told you guys about performing standup virtually.

The standup was a lot of fun, weird though, because you are just talking to yourself.

I could see myself on the monitor, telling me jokes.

I could see the few times I stumbled slightly in real time! So that was cool.

I had a good time and I loved watching the other performers. I can’t share the link because it’s limited to attendees, but it was only two minutes.

I can recreate 2 minutes.

I will do that later this week and post it. I really meant to do it on Sunday, but Sunday demanded nothing but slug like behavior. Randy and I did take a walk with my mom and sister. I was pretty much done after that.

Anyway, I didn’t want today to pass without letting you all know how much you mean to me and how much I hope that we have good news tomorrow.

Either way, we’ll still be here and that is something.

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  • Fingers always crossed. I feel positive about tomorrow – it’s Wednesday and on that has me worried! But you’re right, one way or the other, we’ll all be here together. (Your family is the best – again, mostly).

  • Fingers crossed….fingers so damned crossed. Tomorrow will be the most stressful day of my life I think, even more than 4 miserable years ago. Fingers crossed……

  • OK I was right and it didn’t work, so I’m back again using my old screen name to get it to let me post a link.
    I used to know this girl who played guitar very well but wasn’t into female musicians with the exception of Aimee Mann “because she got the best Penn brother…”
    Michael Penn has released a new song and here it is:

    So here we are. Votes in and counted, new phone won’t get reception in this room so no text or phone banking, only time will tell whether I could really afford the donations to Indivisible I made (either way, we’ll muddle through like we always do) so now we just hunker down and hope.
    Remember hope?
    I seem to have some, and that feels weird, but I’ll still fucking take it.

  • 20 years ago I lived in Broward county FL, land of the hanging chads. I did not vote, instead I waited 32 hours in labor for my first son to be born. It took a month before we knew who we’d write in his baby book who the president was. Hopefully it will take less than that to learn who won in the first election that he got to vote in. Perhaps a win for his candidate could be his birthday present.

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