Huffington Post Comments Make The Best Teacher


How so? Well, they are teaching me to not be so serious and to not take nasty comments to heart. They are also teaching me there a shit ton of douche twizzles out there.

I wrote about Huffington post comments before, but I promise, this isn’t going to be the same.

The last time I wrote about the Huffington Post comments, I talked about how I know I shouldn’t read them, blah blah blah. One would think after reading a couple hundred negative comments that one would just stop reading them.

I’m not going to stop reading the fucking comments.

Not only am I not going to stop reading the comments, I’m not going to feel bad about reading the comments. I am willing to take this a step further. Not only am I not going to stop reading them, I am not going to stop sometimes getting upset by them, or be amused (really, mostly bemused) by them. I probably won’t stop bitching about the comments even though I’m bringing that shit on myself by reading them in the first place.

Whew, I am glad I made my peace with this. 

Anyway, I decided to share some of the more “colorful” ones. I mean, I should get something out of negative comments. At the very least, I can make fun of them and use them for a blog post. It’s almost like the people who REALLY dislike me also gave me a present.

Before I share, though, I want to say that the number of positive comments are far greater in number than the negative comments. But the positive comments aren’t quite as juicy, maddening, or bizarre. And be honest, don’t you just love the bizarre stuff? It’s satisfying to read, but can be gross. Kind of like peeling off dead skin after you get a sunburn. Satisfying, but gross.

My second article about what not to wear after fifty really invoked some strong emotion with some Huffington Post readers. Also, people are weird as fuck.

One of the things that I suggested to not wear is bitterness. I felt that I clearly conveyed the idea that not being bitter is preferable. Joy and contentment and happiness are  better than bitterness. In reading the comments, many people think I’m a bitter person. Either that makes zero sense, or I just don’t understand this humaning thing at all.

The comments aren’t just pointing out how I am bitter or angry. Honestly, I am not sure what a lot of them even mean.

First, there are the comments that have little to do with the actual article, but dammit, I have upset these people and they want me to know about it:

You assume you will make it to live to 50… not so… have some respect.

I didn’t write about what I assume my life expectancy will be. At least I don’t think I did. I do assume I will make it past fifty, mostly because I already have. Even if I did write a post where I make an assumption that I won’t die relatively young, I am being disrespectful? To who? People who died under age fifty? I’m pretty sure they don’t care. Also, there is the fact that I’m already over fifty. Although, I am not sure if that makes me any less disrespectful. 

Who do you think you are? Do you have a degree in psychology or are you just spouting off hate. A lot of women 50 plus look great and the girls in their 20s are looking like fat asses with big fake boobs, address that one please.

Address what? Chubby younger women who chose to have their breasts augmented? That’s a very specific topic and not one I am all that passionate over. I guess my stance is “Okay. Good on them.” I probably am also impressed with their big butts because I like them. I cannot lie. I also feel this comment has a “pot and kettle” feel to it. She seems to be spouting off a bit of hate of her own for all girls in their 20s? Or just the ones who aren’t as thin as she would like them to be? I wonder if they have big butts but natural boobies, would she be as upset? 

Bad time of the day, honey? Recovering from your… is that a bottle of tequila?
I’m not sure if that rant is to spew venom or just enjoy bashing others while distributing not-funny advices as if it was funny?

I suppose it is rather venomous to suggest giving up wearing uncomfortable clothes and to stop feeding bitterness and pettiness. But you know how tequila drinkers are. We can’t help ourselves. And my advices are too funny. Which is good, because my advices are rarely helpful.

Mocking older people because of the way they look doesn’t seem funny to me. I spent 2 years watching a elderly person die and she had wrinkles, arthritis and broken hip etc. You think the pain is funny? Think again.

Damn, I am a cold-hearted bitch. I had no idea that I found the pain of the elderly funny. I should start going to church or something. I did have to respond to this comment. Because for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how I was mocking older people for the way they look. This was her response:

Like the writers?

Pretty sure I have to just step away from this one with a big, fat “Okay, then…” 

Then there are the really mean comments that either make very little sense or exist simply to demonstrate how much better of a writer they are than me:

You are a toxic and immature ass. Is this the only kind of piece that you are able to produce to gain attentiom? I hope that your “over 50 years” are particularly heinous. Sounds like you are more miserable than most women over 50 I know already. Do you have problems being accepted by your peers ? Not very good looking perhaps? It is really tough to be unattractive these days, regardless of age. Listen, Cupcake, I don’t care how old you are….your particular kind of mean spirit has no secret in it’s origin. Either your were whacked in the head frequently by your unfortunate parents or you have had zero attention from which ever sex you are trying to attract for your entire life. Bitterness literally drips from every word you type. You put a shudder down my back.

Are you…are you fucking kidding me? I am wondering if this person has some sort of disability that makes them read words wrong and that he read it as a completely different article. I have no clue what was in my article that would inspire this kind of animosity. I also kind of want to ask him about “attentiom”. Is “attentiom” something I should be trying to gain? And when I ask him, I want to sign my name off as “cupcake”. 

This grouping of words is so poorly assembled that I could not read past the first sentence without stumbling over a glaring grammatical error. One would hope such poorly written efforts would at least pass momentarily across the desk of some responsible adult or trained journalist before being regurgitated onto the laps of poor unsuspecting readers. I personally don’t care what the content, the writing is so abysmal that I question the journalistic integrity of this entire media group.

My favorite thing about this comment is her assertion that I bring down the integrity of the entire Huffington Post. The fucking power is going straight to my head. 

Then there are these gems:

Foul-mouthed, crude and cocky. I’ll bet she wears inappropriate clothes all the time, and probably without underwear.

HAHAHAFUCKINGHAHAHA. The best thing about this, is when I read the comment, I was going commando. True story. Viva la people who don’t wear panties!

Sounds like a lot of assumptions to me. Only people who are bitter get lines around their mouths? Grow up and let us know how that works out LOL.

Do you think she really wants me to let her know how my life is working out as a grown up? I mean, should I email her progress reports? She seems like she really cares. I also suspect she has some lines around her mouth. Caused by bitterness. 

Anyone who drinks Tequilla and has it as their motto, will get lines faster than anyone.

We call those lines “tequila lines”. I’m thinking about starting a skin care line that addresses this specific issue. By skin care line, I mean shot glasses. I think I will call them Tequilla glasses and we’ll pronounce “tequilla” Ta Killa. Anyone want to finance this project? Pretty sure it will be huge. 

you’re an angry elf, aren’t you?

No. I do not believe there is any “elf” in my lineage. I suspect at one point one of my ancestors fucked a bigfoot, though. I am sometimes angry. That is fair. 

People are funny and weird and say the most inexplicable and bizarre things. I’m not going to stop reading them because once I get past feeling a bit chafed or frustrated, then I am terribly amused. This shit is fucking gold.


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  • Ha yeah, some of the comments on there left me more than a little bemused. I think there is an automatic assumption that it was written by someone in their 20s and the red mist has just descended before they have had the opportunity to even read the article at all, or as I said previously, they had a sense of humour bypass at birth!

  • Oh, Dah-ling… you’ve upset the genteel set 🙁
    Whatever shall you do?
    Brilliantly ‘twist those words!’
    Such a delightful skill.
    As taught by Daddy.
    Learned that lesson well, did you?
    Some of their shit wasn’t all bad when used appropriately, ‘eh?
    I think Ad-vices should be a new therapeutic term. It will go with ‘non-vices’ and ‘mis-vices’ and will account for the ‘vices’ you do or do not have that you willingly or unwillingly or shamefully ended up with due to exposure or lack of exposure to qualified grammar police and not enough tequila during the exposure.
    Or maybe, too much Tequila for any correct vernacular to be written with any authoritative stance.
    Or any stance. After too much Tequila.
    (How’s that for ‘being regurgitated onto the laps of poor unsuspecting readers.’
    But the best part is your power to topple Huff. I can see your head swelling from here 🙂
    I always wonder why people have to make snarky mean comments when they can just turn the page or change the channel, or for fuck’s sake, get their own Tequila.
    Want me and Terri Lee and whoever else we can drag with us to go put on a ‘Psychotic Douche Twizzles’ concert for them?
    Bet they’ll understand pantiless foul mouthed and cocky a little better 🙂
    Just unlock the end of my chain that my therapist gave you…

    • I’m all in, Lisa! Did you happen to see my naughty school girl outfit I wear onstage with the Psychotic Douche Twizzles?

      *praying it’s not in the wash* 🙂

      • I just have your bra!
        You were busy twirling your tassels, and it’s soooo … bigger than mine…
        so I still have it…
        *digs through ‘Lisa to-go’ bag*
        Here it is! It’s with my sparkly tights!
        Yay!! Psychotic Douche Twizzles are going live!

        • HAHAHAHA!!!! *when someone says mine are bigger than theirs*
          *mine aren’t that big*
          *the tassels obscure them*

          I do have the coolest little white ankle socks to pair with my combat boots, so we are good to go, my love! Rock ON! 🙂

  • I believe I figured out the difference between the commenters you have here and the ones at HuffPo, at least if these comoments you’ve posted here are any indication: The people on this site actually read the articles, whereas the HuffPo mouthed off based on what they believed the headline meant.

    This isn’t particularly unusual. On news sites, the comments can often be debunked based on informaiotn in the first line of the story!

    I pledge to always read to at least the third line of an article before commenting.

  • I had to giggle at the fact that someone actually things HuffPo is a place of journalistic integrity. Now that is funny.

    And it’s Ta-key-la honey. Get it right.

  • You’re a bigger person than I (figuratively, I mean). The negative comments on HuffPo keep me second guessing every article I want to submit. Is this going to open me or my family up to ridicule? I don’t know why I’m so thin-skinned about the douchey trolls who don’t even do themselves the favor of reading the article before spewing their venom all over. I read the article and was perplexed by some of the comments, too.

    • It’s not like they don’t sting a little..especially the ones that pick apart my writing because I suspect there is some truth in them. But the fact is, I write the way I write…enough people like it and I like it, so what do I care what they think?

      • Hi ManicMom 🙂
        I’m with you, never enough anon… come on spell check … where’s my red squiggle for anoninimity… there it is 🙂
        Anonymity. Fine. Right click.
        I can’t be invisible enough to withstand criticism, even online.
        Wouldn’t it be great if all those hateful dum-dums could offer the socially acceptable form of ‘constructive criticism’ that we were all told to use when being mean??
        Or go find something they LIKE to read?
        Michelle’s better than me, too…at least she takes the time to ‘write how she writes.’
        I write how I talk.
        *Thanks the stars for the backspace key*
        And every nice comment I make I worry it will be taken wrong, too.
        Just ask Rage-M how many snivelling DM’s she’s had to reply to in a positive and supportive manner that she shouldn’t have had to worry about because I am an approval seeker with mis-placed self-confidence.
        *re-adjusts ‘boobs stand alone’ push-up bra*
        I’m staying here, where it’s safe 🙂

  • Fuck ’em. You obviously pushed a button. Bitter, petty haters who cannot read or comprehend the English language. Yea, that’s NOT your target audience.
    Internet “anonymity” has given us a picture window into the psyches of a group of folks who live in fear, who wallow in self pity, and who apparently aren’t getting laid on the regular.
    I used to be a columnist for a daily paper. The comments were so atrocious that I told my family to steer clear, particularly dear mom. But, like you, I used them for occasional column fodder because, why not? You’re right. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

  • I agree with Troll. Were they reading the same article I was? Why take the effort to post a long tirade on an article you obviously didn’t read? Didn’t they ever learn “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”?

  • Loved your article!! And actually squealed when I saw it on my feed!
    Congratulations. The hater comments are pretty damn funny and once you accept they are out there and have nothing better to do the better off you will be. Hell with them.
    Keep on!

  • Along with your blog, I also subscribe to a few others, including one that has to do with tech stuff. When I first read his blog, I noticed that at the end where you can comment he asked people to first read the ENTIRE post before commenting. I thought this kinda strange, until I started reading the comments. Then I took a look at comments made on other sites, YouTube, People Mag, etc. Holy shit!! There are a shit ton of angry douche twizzles out there with nothing better to do than piss in other peoples wheaties. That’s when I say sing them a him. Him, him, fuck him. And BTW, when I typed in twizzles, the computer immediately let me know that either my spelling or my grammar were out of whack. I was totally ok with douche, fuck, and shit though.

  • I have nothing brilliant to add to this hilarious and brilliant post. But jeez, you’re so right, Michelle, if you can get past the ‘sting’ (and that can only be if you find one ounce of credibility in their comment) this is fucking gold. Thank you for sharing your gold, everyone else is so selfish, and they keep all the good stuff for themselves!

  • *adjusting my plaid wig for the Douche Twizzles concert with Lisa K.*
    *the wig is less expensive than keeping my hair colored plaid by a pro*

    I feel for you, Michelle, (who shall henceforth be officially known as “Cupcake”). There is no one more “expert” on any given situation than someone who does not read the actual articles and does not possess all the facts. What I once thought was strictly an internet phenomenon also seems to be how the political system in this country, along with its election process, now work. Yes, some of these asshole, douche twizzles are voters, too. :::talk about putting a shudder down one’s back:::

    Take solace in the (most likely) fact that these haters are probably the most bitter people of all and they just don’t like being called out on it. Well, if they read the article, they wouldn’t like it. HAHA! But, you did give them something to do for a few minutes. You provided them with some activity! (Oh, and lines around the mouth also come from smoking. I don’t think tequila has anything to do with that, so you’re safe!)

    Now, I shall polish up my tambourine and shake it a few times. I’d hate to be an over-50 woman sporting a sticky tambourine. How TACKY! No pun intended. 🙂

    • This is awesome. Yeah, I am assuming they didn’t like being called out on their shitty behavior. Or they just wanted to rant at someone. Either way…they are goddamn funny.

      • Nobody can shake that tambourine like you, Sister Terri Lee 🙂
        *takes polishing cloth*
        If you shine that thing up anymore you’re gonna cure glaucoma when the stage lights hit it 🙂
        *holds mug of fresh, hot coffee*
        Here 🙂 Straight up. Just pure coffee fix 🙂
        Don’t you wish the comment section about the comment section could be read by the douche twizzles that inspired this comment section so they could read the positive comments about their fucked-up comments and see that their hateful words did nothing but create a tighter group of supportive comment-ors?
        Don’t you?
        Yeah, like it would do any good.
        I wanna live in that bubble. Where I don’t have to read and can just say shitty things to whoever. (Whomever? ; ) )
        Oh, wait I did.
        I hated it.
        *longing look at Tequila bottle on Michelle’s counter*
        Most of it.
        *drags on plastic cigarette*
        Let’s go practice, Terri Lee!
        I think the Psychotic Douche Twizzles might go big!!

        • Yeah! What SHE said! HAHAHA!!!

          I DO wish those haters could see the genius they’ve inspired, but as you stated, something tells me they would hate THAT, too! People that begin with attitudes like those usually have nothing else to bring to the table. They don’t have the senses of humor or self-awareness to laugh at themselves and their ignorant overreactions. I fear our humor at their expense would cause their flames to burn more brightly, to the point where the comments would need to be deleted. (I’ve seen this happen on message boards in the past. Some people are just assholes. It’s that simple.)

          So, I will continue to comfortably ensconce myself in the beauty and intelligence of the blogger and her readers right here in this lovely comments section. 🙂

          *sipping Lisa’s excellent coffee*

          Straight up, black, no sugar. It’s the only way I drink it! <3

      • Oh, and Michelle, I meant to say “thank you” for the picture of the alligators! I love alligators and it’s a nice Florida shout-out, even if it wasn’t intended that way!

        *patting one of my stuffed alligators and looking at the alligator figure on the shelf near my computer*

        *thinking of the many more alligator knick-knacks around my house and in my cars* HAHA!

  • Dam I thought your post was what TO wear after 50 !!!
    I’ve been walking around trying to get cocky, no knickers on And eating way to many cupcakes !! easily done not reading the post properly ,
    fuck them !!!!!

  • There is so much to say about this article, ‘Cupcake’, but I will leave it at this:
    I regularly listen to a podcast called ‘This American Life’, and I enjoy so many of them when I’m walking my dog or walking to work.
    Here is a link to a podcast about a writer named Lindy West who has been harassed by lots of trolls, but this one apologized. I was fascinated by listening to this. . 🙂

  • I’m a new reader and a new blogger. I”m a bit older than you. Your acceptance that you will continue to do what you do (read the comments, for example) is part of the joy of aging, don’t you think? I say, Fuck ’em all and the horse they rode in on. But, that said, I’m living on a compound and two ladies here don’t like me and one won’t even say Hi to me – it’s bizarre and I want to care, but there you have it. Even though I don’t care, it bothers me and I say Hi to her every time I see her and might even say Hi more than once, to see if it’s really true. The power we have, eh?
    Glad your hubby is better – I’m a new, 2nd wife of one and half years and more in love than ever with a 60 year old – I’m 59!

  • I shall love you forever for “douche twizzles” which is now linked in my mind with “cupcake”, like its secret insult identity. You are fabulous.

  • I laughed all the way through this! These people are bizarre! I am not very sensitive either about comments but I have had the rare one (none so good (?) as yours) that left me completely bewildered. I don’t understand how people can so obviously not understand an article or fight in the comment section about things that were never even mentioned in the post. I had a post that spoke quite gently and simply about how we are not defined only by what we own but on reddit I received a comment that was something to do with glorifying poverty and that not being able to feed ones family wasn’t funny. Not that I thought it was…
    Anyway, great writing.:)

    • Thank you so much!! And I think the sentiment that we are not defined by what we own is awesome and if more people lived with that understanding, it would fix a fuck ton of problems we have. I don’t see how that is glorifying poverty…haha…people are so funny.

  • I only wish I got enough people commenting on my posts so I could get some internet trolls! Seriously I think these people are nothing more than warped, unhappy, bitter, misanthrophic losers. Someday I hope to mature into becoming one.

  • It’s a big internet and you’re gonna attract some drive-by fruitings. That’s not original, nor is the idea of calling your line of skin care products “Tequila Mockingbird”, but those are funny and if the originators want to complain fuck ’em.
    I also think these people are like hecklers, and while it’s funny to take down hecklers sometimes it just gives them the attention they crave. But, hey, if you’re having fun that’s what matters.
    I know I’m having fun imagining “attentiom” as some kind of cupcake.

  • I just pinned this post to my Pinterest site. I was going to pin it to the board about MidLife Do’s & Don’ts, but really the board it belongs on is my board for Writers. I’ve read others writing about the meanness of HuffPo commenters, but your response is an object lesson in how to win out over the trolls. I so admire your ability to stay cool and funny; I’m afraid I’d be spitting nails.

    • Oh, I had a small internal hissy fit over a lot of them..but then I realized they really are funny and what the fuck do I care what they think anyway..they look like dweebs. And thank you for sharing!!!

  • Are you kidding me ? This is their response to your article ? Did they actually read the same article that you wrote and I read ? Man, they have provided heaps of entertainment – and I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my office !!!!!
    Dickheads is a word that comes to mind.

    • Meant to also say – firstly, to the people who skimmed the article and then commented – maybe you should actually read it first before saying anything.
      And secondly, if people start reading an article and it doesn’t appeal to you, for God sake, just leave the page – don’t waste your time and energy reading and commenting on a post that doesn’t appeal to you.
      Like I said above – sometimes people are just dickheads – keep on writing and definitely keep on letting us know about trolling comments so we can laugh at how stupid some people are !!

  • I signed up for your blog because I think that the concept of bitterness being worn is insightful. And the concept of choosing not to wear it has the potential to be empowering. I have recently been “cleaning my closet” trying to navigate my early 60s and some of its associated disappointments. It’s a process. Thanks for another tool. And ignore the tools that don’t get it.

  • Wow you hit a nerve with some. Did they read the post though is my question? I am thinking the word ‘bitter’ is trending right now!
    I had a post , not on HP but another site and all the comments after comment 2 were about comment 3. It went on forever and was not even about my post any longer but just other trolls reading the comments and responding to comments!

  • So I had to go over and read the Huff po article after reading this. People are crazy. It is truly a train wreck. And your “advices” comments are killing me.

  • Oh M! Are you really an elf?? An elf without panties – that’s just adorable! If you’re a cupcake going commando, does that mean you’re not wearing the paper cup? You can’t get upset over these comments cuz they’re straight from the nuthouse (the Angry wing, 2nd floor). I found them hilarious. Imagine these poor folks typing furiously, the self-righteous turds, then someone looking over their shoulders saying, “um, dude, you totally missed the point”…epic fail! I love it. And the writing critic just screamed Friendless Loser, no? Kinda sad but not enough to keep me from cracking up. Thanks for sharing.

  • People are weird as fuck. And you are funny as fuck. And an excellent writer. Reading these comments made me amused, and also wanted to defend and protect you from strangers who clearly are unbalanced… I want to say more, but don’t want to add to those lines above my lip.

  • I have always thought a good measure of intelligence is whether or not a person gets the joke. Clearly there are a few Huffington Post readers that simply do not get the joke.

  • What is wrong with some people! Honestly, all of these bitter, miserable, humorless, angry folks need to chill! I’m sure all of them lashed out because they knew you were talking about them!
    Just to let you know, makes my day when I see your email in my inbox- I know I’m going to be laughing early morning & that’s a great way to start my day!

  • What you have to wonder is what all those nasty douche twizzle commenters would be doing with their bucket-loads of anger and hate if they didn’t have social media outlets to throw it at. Sheesh, that’s a scary thought!

  • Is it too mean, petty, bitter, fat-assed, and humorless to hope you get another post with troll comments as your replies are so HYSTERICAL and insightful. Smart move to use the comments on the comments as blog fodder. And the person who couldn’t get past your so-called grammar challenges to appreciate the content has a missing verb. Gotta love that irony.

  • The comments are as much about the person making them as they are you.

    The grammar/writing nazi’s need to prove they’re smarter than you. They know they’re better writers than you. They’re convinced they’re the ones who should be published on HuffPo.

    Yet, they’re not. Wonder why?

    I for one enjoy your elfin magic and panty free demeanor. Could you bring me a cookie?

  • So, thesedouche twizzles need to read your articles (yes, both of them) about a bazillion times, because I think they’re the EXACT audience that needs it.
    Jesus, y’all. Pull those giant sticks out of your ass and whack yourself on the head with them until y’all get yourself either a) some sense or b) a working sense of humor.
    (On another note, I was a newspaper journalist for several years, and the comments were HORRENDOUS! I’d write an article about a school board meeting, and they’d be like, “This ugly bitch needs to let go of communism and stop being a traitor. To Gitmo with her fat ass!” There was no picture of me. They’d never met me. And the meeting was about liquor licenses. Or, if I’d cover a murder, “Who does this whore think she is? She’d be better off dead.” Okay, well, you see, *I* didn’t kill the victim. His brother did. So, um, sorry? Moral of the story: Commenters are the worst. Unless they’re me. On your blog.)

  • Write the book! Write the book! To think that we modern people sit at or walk around with one of the most powerful devices ever invented (the computer and the smartphone) and use this powerful device to troll, flame and be douche twizzlers or sad, pathetic twat monsters. Is there any hope for the human race? I admire how you are handling this. Certainly isn’t worth losing your sanity over. Seriously, cupcake, can’t wait till that book comes out!

  • I particularly love it when people trumpet regarding the errors they found….but never relate what errors they found.

    I read the comments. Granted, there’s been a lack of vitriol on my blogs, so that’s good. But I frequently read comments on articles. It’s bizarre and fascinating and entertaining. I’m glad I’m not alone!

  • I salute and admire you for your resolve in reading the comments, even the trolly-mctrollerson ones… One, because it takes courage and humanity (and I do love me some courage and humanity), and two, because you know who doesn’t read any of his readership’s comments and feedback at all? David Fucking Brooks, that’s who. And even though I probably don’t need to say this: fuck that guy.

  • What the fuck is wrong with people? (You did say that profanity was encouraged, right?) The level of stupidity of some of those comments is astounding. Maybe I should call it ass-tounding – because that’s what these people sound like: Indignant-for-no-reason assholes. Oh, wait! Does that make sound me bitter? Seriously, I would read the comments too because that’s just how I am, but damn if it would’t get me all pissed off. Hell, I’m pissed off for you. I think the problem with those readers is that they are literally wearing EVERYTHING you suggest not wearing (I would add that it’s not attractive on anyone) plus a few that you didn’t cover like hatred and anger. The fact that they can’t realize this themselves? Typical. Sad, but typical. Rock on, Michelle. I love your blog!

  • The only tequila lines I’m interested in are tequila shots lined up for me. Beyond that, I’m thinking if these commenters did a shot or two of tequila they would be much less bitter, much less twatwaffle-y.
    Bravo to you for taking a negative and turning it around and using it for humor. Sometimes you have to laugh so you don’t punch people in the face.

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