I didn’t fall in a hole: Amazing Graceless is just ridiculous at this point

Maybe some of you remember that a few months ago I fell in all, hole and screwed up my knee?

Well, last weekend we visited Tennessee to celebrate my birthday with our mountain friends. We were there about an hour before I re-injured my knee.

I didn’t fall in a hole this time.

However, I was taking a picture. Again.

In early January, when I injured myself, I was taking a picture.

This time?

I stood on a wall that wraps around a our friend’s newly built patio. I stood on a wall that was about 14 inches tall and took a picture. My knee had been feeling better. Maybe, it even felt back to normal because I kind of forgot the injury was an issue.

Anyway, I stepped off that wall, onto my injured leg, my knee immediately said “Oh fuck you so much”, buckled, and I fell.

This was over a week ago. My knee is still pretty fucking sore and swollen, but I can at least walk on it. I didn’t have to go back to crutches, but ice packs are a regular thing again.

Everyone, except me, has agreed that I am no longer allowed to take pictures of any kind.

When I wrote about my original injury, I included the picture I took moments before disaster struck. I’m not doing so this time because it’s my friend’s house and I respect their privacy. Instead, I will include a picture of something we see whenever we visit.

There’s this abandoned looking building about 20 minutes away from their mountain. There is always a creepy looking mannequin in the upper window.

mannequins in abandoned building

Now? There are two. Double creepy. I love it.

I didn’t hurt myself taking this picture.

The weekend was amazing.

Partially, because I had to be waited on.

I had handmade and thoughtful gifts waiting for me and a pinata,  So much good food. I am loved and life is good.

Randy put together a video of family and friends that made me both laugh and sob. I laughed because I know a lot of funny people. I sobbed because I was overwhelmed by all the love.

At the video’s very end? Spike.

Randy bought a Cameo of James Marsters wishing me a happy birthday as Spike.

Buffy is the show I watch when I am scared or tired or sick. Buffy is what I watch when I need comfort. Spike is my favorite. He sang Happy Birthday to me.

Randy has already discovered that he can quickly win a little tiff by saying “Spike!”

I mean, it will work for a while, but the motherfucker better not get too used to it.

I have to give him a break. The whole thing spawned my most recent viewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s not that bad. I started with season 2. I’m already on season 4 and I’m thinking about incorporating Angel and swapping episodes all the way through. I’ve tried this before and it always fell apart.

But I’m older now. More disciplined. I can do this.



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  • Best birthday gift ever! What a thoughtful husband you have. I love James Marsters, we name all our pets after characters in Buffy/Angel but we haven’t had a Spike yet.

  • Despite the knee thing, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday/Vacation! Can you get sympathy for the knee at work? It might work if you get a cane instead of the crutches. It also gives you an automatic day off if you want by just moaning when you call in sick. It also might be time to visit a metaphysical store and stock up on some crystals that will keep you in one piece for a while. What can it hurt?

  • I wish you a lot of luck on playing the sympathy card, as it only worked for a short while for me. I’m in week 5 of post-knee replacement surgery and I believe everyone is tired of being invited to my pity party. I’m also post-walker, cane and even my mom’s handicapped parking placard, so I guess I’m on my own. But if you can get more food brought to you, songs sung to you, and get well cards sent to you, kudos!! Because when they see you’re feeling better, wham! and you’re back to the real world of doing for everyone else! LOL!!
    Sending you healing vibes and belated happy birthday wishes!!

  • At least you got the sympathy treatment although I think you would have deserved that, and maybe even gotten it, without the fall because it was your birthday. If you don’t get people serving you on your birthday when the hell are you going to get it? Aside from when you’re injured, I mean.
    I never did get around to Angel but I enjoyed Buffy so much, and I’m grateful for you recommending it. A few years ago I relied on library DVDs and haven’t gone back because, well, some shit went down in 2020. It was in a couple of papers. Now seems like a good time to get back.

  • I’m so glad you had a good time in the mountains, the knee thing aside, and the “Spike” was a stroke of brilliance. Careful with that camera, Eugene. I, also have a fucked up knee, though only badly bruised and not unusable or anything like that. It’s the fault of a long, long gone tooth in my upper jaw that got infected and gave me a fever, which fucked with my balance (remember I am disabled and walk with a quad-cane) and that’s how I came to fall down four times in two days between the bed and the bathroom. Similar bruise on my wrist hasn’t seemed to impede my guitar playing.
    Here in paradise just a few miles south of Yosemite, it hasn’t been a good time in the mountains. More than six feet of snow, with the slide-offs from the roof burying the door all the way. We paid a nice man from the Christian Camp to shovel a path from the window to the car (29 stairs down a hillside) and on Saturday as Briana was trying to dig the car out with a shovel, a large tractor showed up out of nowhere and dug the car out, so she made it to town for this week’s groceries. I kind of would have liked to go to town to drop in at the urgent care clinic for some antibiotics to kill this infection once and for all, but that path down the hill is still on top of two or so feet of snow, and falling down the hill is an order of magnitude more dangerous than falling on the floor in this room (and I have doubts about my ability to climb out of the window to get to the path) so I’ll just have to muddle through until maybe Tuesday when the guy from the Christian Camp is supposed to come back for some more shoveling. At least the power came back on…
    Happy belated birthday!

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