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Before starting I Hereby Decree, I want to honor a member of this community who passed. For those of you who have been here a while, you’ve probably seen Harry Hamid comment. Doug from Oakland sent a comment to me last week to let me know Harry died. I’m sorry he’s gone. I’m glad he was here.

I love you all. 

I’m sure you all saw or heard about the stupid president tweeting his “decree” that businesses start looking for alternatives to doing business with China. This is ridiculous, frustrating and is just intertwined with dozens of other words or actions that are ridiculous and frustrating.

I can’t change life right now, but I have decided to issue a few decrees of my own.

I hereby decree that I will start looking for joy more often than sorrow.

I am happy I exist and am grateful to be on this planet. It is glorious to be alive. There is so much ugliness, death and sorrow, but there is so much good. I see stories every day where people are kind and helpful. We need this. We need all of this. I’d rather laugh than cry and I’ve been crying way too much. I know I missed another week last week. I’m struggling. My depression has been winning. I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I do know it is there and that is something.

I hereby decree I will continue to try to make a difference.

After the stupid president issued his decree that we start looking for alternatives to doing business with China, I issued my own decree on Twitter. I tweeted “I hereby decree that everyone on Twitter send me a dollar”.

It was just a snarky tweet, but then the most incredible thing happened. A few people asked where to send their dollar. I had no intention of collecting money for myself, so whenever someone asked where to send money, I requested they send their money to the ACLU.  You guys, my tweet raised $95 for the ACLU and $5 for Planned Parenthood.  I know in the big scheme of things, that is not a huge amount, but what if we all did the least we could do? If we all did the least we could do, we would move mountains.

I hereby decree that I support teachers and all they do.

My older stepdaughter is an art teacher in Maryland. She teaches K-6. She works in a poor district and was allotted $100 to stock a completely empty classroom.

There is an effort to help teachers get what they need on Twitter. The hashtag is #ClearTheLists. Teachers post their Amazon wishlists on Twitter and strangers help stock their classrooms. By promoting my stepdaughter’s list, I was able to get her a few things she needs.

Also, a Twitter friend’s mom works at a craft store and with her employee discount, she was able to obtain 34 POUNDS of art supplies for my stepdaughter. For ten bucks. I am so grateful and my stepdaughter is just flabbergasted at the response. She and her husband have 3 kids and aren’t well off, so this has been a godsend for her.

I hereby decree that I will keep this trend going where I convince myself that I am not in danger. 

Okay, so we are all in danger which is a condition of life. I’m cool with that. What I have to tell myself, every day, is when I go to work I am safe. No one can hurt me. Even if I make a terrible mistake and am asked to leave, my life isn’t over. I know this seems simple, but this is a huge stress for me. I’m not completely successful, but I have been successful enough that I’m not medicating as much as I used to. I will take this as a win.

I hope you all are happy and safe.

I hope that I find my groove again.

Thank you for being here.

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  • I am so grateful that I took a few minutes to read this today. Starting my day with thoughts like yours is what I will make a ritual of from today on into whatever there may be in the future. That was a weird sentence, but I meant every word. You are wonderful.

  • I enjoy a good decree <3
    There have been a couple of good education and teacher memes on Facebook lately that should be decrees, for example, the one about politicians selling chocolate to fund their campaigns rather than students and teachers selling chocolate to fund their basic educational needs.
    I really liked that one.
    Your accidental fund raising just made my day… that drop in the bucket turned into a pail full for the most worthy <3
    We CAN do this, Rage-M. I'm tired, too… my anxiety and depression get hit on an hourly basis, seems, and I'm in constant 'damage control' mode, but I can see and find the good in just enough increments to get me through one more day.
    I DO miss you when I don't get my weekly email of your newest brain musings, but, boy, do I understand the fine line of 'can' and 'it'll be fine next week, too.'
    Thank you for continuing the 'can.'
    When you can <3
    I can cling to 'can.'

  • Well to me it looks like you have done more good things than bad and for that you should be proud. I have kind of lost track of you for the last few weeks…..and I decree that I will do better. I always feel better after reading your posts, You are awesome in my eyes and with all we have to deal with……wondering when the foolish twit in the WH is going to sell us to Russia….we all need some happy things to read. Thank you for being you.

  • This is the best I’ve seen you post. There is so much power in having many people do just small things to help. We often don’t think we can make a difference for just a few $$ but the internet now makes it so easy to become part of the “collective good”.

    If you want to make a difference for “free” check out the “Donate a photo” app.

    Also a great app that might actually save you life “what three words”. You can easy send your location to anyone especially first responders or roadside assistance.

  • So glad to see you amidst my other hobby notifications (fashion shopping sites, (no, never buy. Lying.), posts about the general horridness of the world, a few how to style withered hag tips. You and your followers – Eeek what’s a better word – are MY bright shining lights when I get to spend a bit of time with you and allow me to carry a bit of that gorgeous fabulous babe-i-foible-i-licious MOJO with me in me pocket.

  • I needed this positivity today. Probably repeating myself here, but with regard to making mistakes at work, I’ve long had this saying: “Worst we can do is screw it all up.” In other words, we may screw up a computer, break a machine, or whatever, but we won’t end the world with one mistake, and life will go on.

  • Pretty much echoing what everyone else here said. How great that you have folks that listen to you when you have to let shit out, right? Bonus.
    You’re doing good stuff — hang in there.

  • Thank you for mentioning Harry, whose real name was Jerry C. Larson, Jr. He was an example of someone who dedicated his career (he was an attorney) to helping people who needed help and lacked the resources to avail themselves of it. Here is a link to the memorial post his work put up for him, it’s an uplifting read:


    I love your accidental fundraiser. It reminds me that people are serious about fixing this shit and will surprise you with their efforts if you give them a chance.

    There are good things happening, at least in music. Have you heard the Highwomen? Their stuff can be a little twangy for my taste, but their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” will make the hair on your arms stand up.
    And the New Pornographers have a new album coming out, and they are good people besides being an excellent band.
    And I don’t know if you care for Tool or not, but the title track to their new album “Fear Inoculum” is basically an incantation against misinformation and fear.

    And I’m fully sick of keeping track of the idiot president’s verbal malfunctions, which is no doubt just what he wants, but I remain dedicated to serving him and his sycophants a rude surprise next November.

    Hang in there. Be good to yourself. You fucking deserve it and that’s the truth.

  • What a terrific reply to that ridiculousness on Twitter. Reading this post reminded me that most of us are good, sane people. I will decree the same for myself.l

  • Long time , no comment. After 12 months of severe depression I can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Never stoppend reading your posts. Always part of my little light. Thank you for that. Always love xx

    • Hello! I am so sorry that depression was kicking your ass, and I am so glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am still looking for that light. I mean, I know it’s there, so that is something.

  • I’m so on-board with all of your decrees, especially regarding your own feelings of safety. That’s such a big thing, and it helps so much in pushing your other decrees forward.
    And also helping teachers. I often hear people telling soldiers and even cops “Thank you for your service.” I never hear anybody say that to teachers even though everybody, no matter what profession we’re in, has gotten to where we are because of at least one teacher.

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