I’ll Give This Wordless Wednesday Thing A Try

I’m not so sure I can do this.

In fact, I’ve already failed because these are words.

Here it is, my first nearly wordless Wednesday post. I’ve included two completely unrelated pictures.

Also, I can’t seem to stop typing words. I don’t think I’m doing this right.

First picture is titled: Baby shower decoration or teeny tiny little Titanic reenactment?










Second: My insanely gorgeous baby boy who will be 16 in a few short weeks.

joey recent














I guess sooner or later I’ll try a ‘Throwback Thursday’ post. 

And we should all be thankful that it’s not ‘Throw up Thursday’ because those posts would be disgusting.

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  • I like it. I think it should be used at home too… just…no talking.

    Today that’s easy because yesterday my beautiful 15 year old took a hit from a slider in softball and destroyed her ankle. She is home with two broken and displaced bones (lower tib and fib) in a splint, keeping it strictly elevated and taking pain meds UNTIL TUESDAY when they will put in pins and plates.

    Nothing is funny today, over here…

    Very unhappy mom

  • Just no to the frozen baby thing…that’s weird even for me, the Queen of Darkness. Who would think that was a good idea, ever, except at Halloween maybe?

  • haha I love the photos of the little plastic baby. Definitely a reenactment.

    And what a sweet boy you have there. I love stories of teens that are wonderful.

  • Back in the ’90s, my friend Briana challenged herself to go an entire day without speaking, but she kept slipping up and automatically answering people who walked up and said things to her, which was the very behavior she was trying to get a handle on.
    She finally came up with the idea to carry an expensive gem-stone around in her mouth to remind her to not respond verbally. I think she made it for 48 hours that way.
    I must admit that it was enlightening to see just how annoyed people were about not being automatically spoken to whenever and why ever they wanted.

  • That frozen baby reminded me about Mardi Gras king cakes in New Orleans. I was trying to explain to a coworker how there was a tiny baby in each king cake, which represented the baby Jesus, and that whoever got the baby Jesus in their piece of king cake got to make the next king cake.

    His response: “Why would anyone bake the baby Jesus?

    I had no good reply.

  • I have to admit, I wasn’t quite sure what that baby was sitting in. The words were needed in this case. But creepy just the same…

    Love the photo of your son. It’s amazing how quickly they grow up, eh?

    • Yeah..the ice baby was weird.

      And thank you. Yes they do..only two more years and he’s off to college. I had my boys 11 years apart, so I’ve had a kid at home for the past 26 years. I’m mildly afraid of empty nest.

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