It Is Now Or Never

It’s bad.

A ten year old girl in the state where I live was raped, impregnated, and denied an abortion.

In the state where I live. I pay taxes here. They take our money to pay their salaries. And denied an abortion to a child.

She was told to view it as an opportunity.

10 years old. Ten fucking years old. A baby.

A pregnancy would destroy a 10 year old child’s body. A pregnancy could end the life of a ten year old

Our granddaughter, Madelyn, is 11 years old. She played Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. She is brazen and smart and funny. She survived the loss of her sister and continues to survive the arrival of her new baby sister. (Of course she loves her little sister, but baby girl is a handful).

Madelyn is still very much a child. And a full year older than the baby girl from Ohio.

She is in peril. My sweet, beautiful granddaughter who has been through so much, is in peril.

As is every other human in the US with a working uterus.

The 10 year old from Ohio went to Indiana for an abortion.

It only worked because Indiana’s total abortion law just isn’t in effect yet.

Once the abortion ban becomes federal, and it fucking will, then rapists will be able to choose who is forced to carry their child.

All those years that I railed against the former president? Doesn’t mean shit now.

This is what they were aiming for. They will not stop with subjugating women.

We are all in peril.

Randy and I are writing postcards to voters. I send money that I can to candidates who will make a difference.

We are all in peril.

If you can, please support Tim Ryan from Ohio. Because for all that is fucking holy, JD Vance cannot win a seat in congress.

I hope you are all staying safe.

Please vote in the midterms. Please.

A young woman in Missouri died from an ectopic pregnancy. More women will die.

Please vote.

Don’t give up. They want us to give up. We can’t. Please fight until we can’t fight anymore.

Also, all the people who told me I was being an alarmist back in 2016? They are all cordially invited to kiss my ass.

Buy pregnancy tests. Buy Plan B. Keep them safe. They will be needed.

18 Thoughts.

  1. Thank you. Our girls and women of any age are at risk. I have 2 girls, 19 and 20, I fear for them. Vote Blue. Vote Tim Ryan for Senate.

  2. I am watching this from across the pond as it unfolds in its unimaginable horror. Those poor girls, those poor women! Please keep fighting and know that you have support from all over the world. Please keep strong. Vote, people, vote!

  3. I’ve joked for years & years (about 24 to be exact ) about “why couldn’t I have had a sweet lil’ girl” but at this moment I am grateful for my son – I could not IMAGINE trying to explain to my daughter why she has been demoted to subhuman “child carrying” status. My son is similarly horrified, and mobilized into action…

  4. I keep waiting for the ‘punchline’, because this has to be a joke. And how many of those Red States still have the Death Penalty? People make fun of Florida all the time (justifiably so in many cases), but now I’m truly scared, because DeSantis is Trump’s clone, only more so because he ‘sounds’ sane. Until you listen to what he’s saying. For the first time, I’m glad I wound up childless so that I can’t see first-hand that all I’d fought for in the 1970’s has been erased like it never happened.

  5. Ireland—a country that’s almost more Catholic than the Vatican—finally overturned its ban on abortion, and on letting women travel to get an abortion, because of a case that was so horrific the entire country couldn’t ignore it. I wonder what’s wrong with the United States, admittedly a much bigger population but still there are things an overwhelming majority of us should be able to agree on, that so many people, mostly men, are willing to let women die.
    I don’t get it, but I won’t give up trying to change it.

  6. OK, two things. I might have to sign in with my old screen name for the second, but I find it just as necessary as the first. We shall see,
    One: The state legislature in Mississippi is considering the use of dogs at airports to sniff out pregnant people who may be trying to leave the state to obtain an abortion. I could go on a long rant here about politics and Kristi Noem and not letting up on our activism because Alito and Thomas are in their seventies and so five good election cycles could turn this back toward sanity, but I am making a conscious effort to shorten up my comments here. But to all those who have been calling me and mine hysterical and alarmist for ten years? You can fuck right off.
    Two: This is glorious and beautiful and gives me hope even in the midst of all the fascism and insanity:

  7. This is so fucked up. These politicians have know idea what is happening in the real working class world. This is beyond terrifying, and it’s only the beginning.

  8. I know…. my granddaughter lives in fucking Texas. 🙁 She is 5. I’m terrified for her and all women and girls that live in states that are imposing these bans. I cannot imagine having to do a pregnancy test to cross state lines and yet that is what places like Texas are proposing. I have been filled with abject rage and tears since the Friday ruling. JD used to rail against 45…how times have changed. I’m so sorry we’re going through this. We’re not giving up! I have a new post on my blog, but I am not going to share this one on facebook out of fear of the backlash.

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