What Do John Cusack And Michael Rapaport Have In Common?

I mean, other than the whole ‘being an actor’ thing. According to my google search, they were in one movie together. Money For Nothing. I’ve never seen it. Other than those things, the only thing John Cusack and Michael Rapaport have in common for me is my blog and my Twitter account.

A long time ago, I wrote a blog post about the time John Cusack tweeted me (he said thanks). In this blog post, I had a little mini rant about the way people treat celebrities and how rude people are and if you don’t like something, remember the words of Thumper’s mother: If you can’t say anything nice, shut your fucking cake hole.


I talked shit about Michael Rapaport on twitter.

I made fun of the Southern accent he uses on the show Justified. I didn’t direct to Michael Rapaport’s twitter name, I just used his name.

I’ve actually always like Michael Rapaport’s work. Randy and I have been on a Justified marathon and we’ve both noticed that the accent just sounded really ‘off’ somehow.

He fucking retweeted it. Michael Rapaport saw my tweet.

I found it kind of funny, because what are the fucking odds? Apparently, better than I thought they were. I am also sure that Michael Rapaport didn’t lose any sleep over my tweet.

But I did think about it.

I thought about how I said one thing in a blog post and then did the other on Twitter.

We humans aren’t a consistent bunch and I think we find it difficult to own up to it when we behave in an inconsistent manner. We want to make excuses for why we’re inconsistent and why it’s justifiable behavior.

Mine really wasn’t justifiable. It was just snarky. I felt insulated because it’s a fucking actor and how would he ever know?

He’s also a person and I was unkind. Like I said, I don’t really feel too bad about it, it wasn’t that harsh. Mostly, I feel bad that I ceased to practice what I preach.

This probably won’t be my last transgression. Being one of the humans means I’m going to fuck up and I’m going to be wrong about things. The most I can ask of myself is to be honest about it when I fuck up and to decide to change the behavior.

I have also been informed by a number of people that the accent Michael Rapaport uses on Justified is a Floridian accent and it is dead on.

I stand corrected.


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  • Who are John Cusack and Michael Rapaport? I could look it up but it seems too much work as I’m unlikely to be impressed.

    • They are both actors. I think Michael Rapaport has done more television than movies..but I could be wrong. John Cusack has been in a shit ton of movies.

      • As a Bengals fan since I was a youngster, I have to say that this is the coolest thing. I hope you got his autograph.

        • oh no..I did not. I was probably around 23 or 24 at the time. I looked up to say ‘excuse me’ and instead said ‘you’re Ken Anderson’. And he said ‘I know’. And then I ran away.

  • Hey, they (or their PR people) care about what you have to say, or they just look for a name and retweet blindly. Hopefully Mr. Rappaport won’t send hired goons to your home to “educate” you on methods of acting.

    I haven’t had a lot of celebrity run-ins. I associate with people I think of as celebrities on Twitter (journalists, magicians and podcast hosts, John Hodgman). One of my favorite run-ins, though was with a WWE Superstar at the airport. I’m linking to that post in the CommentLuv thingy.

  • This probably won’t be my last transgression. Being one of the humans means I’m going to fuck up and I’m going to be wrong about things.

    Everyone needs to repeat this to themselves every single day.

  • That is hilarious. And I don’t think you said was rude. It was an observation. I don’t watch the show so I can’t comment but from what I remember it wasn’t bad. Either way, we all fall sometimes and just need to catch ourselves when we do and try better next time.

  • I think it’s actually pretty cool that you’re owning up to it and learning from it. We ALL do stuff like this from time to time. It’s a great reminder to practice what we preach, right?

    I’ve been tweet Adam Levine and you just gave me immense hope. 🙂

  • I was born in the Deep South, lived there till i was 24. I can tell a Tennessee accent, from a South Carolina accent, from New Orleans or Alabama. And you know what? The Floridian accent sounds funny/odd.

    • I have relatives in Alabama and friends from Tennessee, so I’ve been around accents for most of my life…I guess I just never heard a Floridian accent before..

  • too funny!

    When I read, “a Floridian accent”…(since my mom lives there and I visit sometimes), I heard myself say, “So–Jersey, then, right?”

    BahahaHA. Because everyone *I* talk to when I’m there, seems to be from Joisey. (“Yeahhh. Weah just heah for the fowah months. Not the whole ye-ah. We just do the fowah.”)

    Love all the awkward encounters with celebs. I had one with a (not-really-famous) Canadian pro hockey player, who I happened to sit next to on a plane. He was ginormous and had trouble fitting in the middle seat. We started chatting a little. Found out we’re both from farm country, both Polish, etc. Got out pictures of our kids, etc. I’m chatting along, then I realize I’m talking too much. Possibly also why he suddenly asked to be moved to the back of the plane. But I tried to console myself with the fact that hello-it was because there was MORE LEG ROOM back there.


    • I’m sure that’s why he moved..and if not..fuck him..his loss. 🙂

      When I was 18 I was going to a chiropractor 5 days a week and there was this huge guy named Tony who was there every day as well. I talked to him ALL THE TIME. Had no idea he was a professional football player. Anthony Munoz. My boyfriend came to one of my appointments with and was completely star struck. I’m like…what? This is just Tony…

  • I’ve never really wanted to meet or interact with famous people, especially ones I truly admire. Partly because of the stupid things I would inevitably do and/or say, and partly because of what I’ve come to call the Lynda Carter effect. The LCE comes from my friend Jack, who used to buy a lot of vinyl albums from garage sales. One day I was looking through his collection, and I found a Lynda Carter album, still in the shrink wrap. When I asked Jack why this was so, he said: Why would I play that record and ruin the perfectly good false image I have of that woman? Finally we agreed that, as guitar players, we preferred to do our hero worship from a safe distance.

  • I feel bad when I rant about my alma mater’s basketball team. I forget they are just kids and feel bad that I have said bad things about their game on twitter. I would like to say that I don’t care if celebrities notice me, but I get excited when random sportswriters actually read my blog and comment about it.

  • Ha, I finally got my graphics problem sorted so I can read this!
    It’s hilarious that he retweeted it. A lot of the celebs have skivvies do the tweeting for them, so it may not have been him, it may even be a bot that RTs anything that mentions him, but it would be so funny if it actually was him 🙂 There are actually jobs out there paying people to do it…which would be a great job for me, though I’d probably get myself in very hot water fairly quickly I suspect

    • Yeah, Randy says its likely he has a person who does this for him. Some celebrities do their own. I’m sure John Cusack is really John Cusack…too much passion in his tweets…

      I will just continue to believe it was Michael Rapaport…WHO..by the way…retweeted this blog post this evening.

  • It happens. I actually had a third party bring two well-known athletes into a Tweetfest after I posted an article (not written by myself) about said athletes and their custody struggle. It wasn’t fun. At all. And I was incredibly ticked that a random Twitter follower tried to involve me in cyber drama. At the end of the day, I learned my lesson — you never know where your posts or opinions will end up (or who will see them).

  • OMG!!! I would have died twice, once when John Cusack retweeted you and again when Michael Rapport did!! You make a great point, as a blogger I’m always looking for the laugh and we do have to remember that our words do have power. Great piece!

    • Thank you!!

      Yeah, John Cusack responded to another tweet a few weeks ago when I was up in the middle of the night with insomnia. I didn’t notice it until later the next day.

  • I hate when I do that but at least your, more honest about it than I would have! I would said dude it wasn’t me my Twitter account was hijacked by Kim’s ass !

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