Just a quick note

Sorry I have been absent.

My son, Joey, returned from Maui on Saturday. I had a hard time focusing on anything other than work and him getting home safely.

He got home just in time to take care of me and Randy because we have COVID.

We’re both okay, just sick.

I will leave you with this conversation I had with Joey.

Me: I wish I would have played Dungeons and Dragons at least once.
Joey: I dunno mom. I don’t think you’d like it. It can be tedious and there is a lot of math.
Me: I’ve been a computer programmer for over 30 years. Math put a roof over our heads.
Joey: Seriously. A lot of math
Me: Okay, that’s fair.

I hope you all are well. I’ll be back soon.

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  • Oh please feel better soon! It seems like there’s a lot of Covid going around again. I dread having to go outside my hidey-hole apartment anymore, just because it’s germ-laden outside. They keep upping the number of vaccines older people should be getting and now want us to double-up on the ones we can take at the same time. Nu-uh – if I’m going to get a side effect, I want to know which to blame it on! But I’m still waiting to get my 2nd Shingles shot, and I hear that one is a bitch.

    Hope your illness is short lived (those original Covid vaccines should at least pull their weight a little bit)!

  • Most of the time I assume no news is good news but still it’s good to hear that Joey is okay even if the news isn’t all good. I hope y’all get over COVID soon.
    Also what the hell version of D&D was Joey playing where there was a lot of math? I know he said “there can be a lot of math” meaning that it’s not all math all the time but I played a lot of D&D and once we got our characters made, which required some dice rolling and addition, most of it was using our imaginations and goofing around. I even went to some conventions and most of the time they just handed us character sheets so we could jump in and start playing. The main thing there was the character sheets often included a detailed personality description and we were judged on how well we acted out that character. All the dice rolling and shit was pretty secondary.
    I think you might enjoy it.

  • Math can be a pain in the ass even if you’re good at it, and being good at it doesn’t make it fun.
    May you be feeling much better very soon.
    I’m one of the only people at the grocery store still wearing a mask. Fuck covid.

By Michelle