Bring me your tired, your poor, your kitty pictures

It can’t be all doom and gloom all the time.

It just can’t. We need kitty pictures.

Last Thursday, I got one of those sickening phone calls that parents dread. Joey called and when I answered, he said “Mom, everyone is fine. No one got hurt, okay?”

I knew the conversation would go severely downhill from there.

I don’t have an exciting story. Joey got rear ended while driving on the interstate. I don’t have word from the insurance company if my car is totaled, but my car is totaled. Take a look. There’s no trunk anymore .

Anyway, they are safe.

I have spent the weekend either dealing with insurance companies or rental cars, alternating with extreme bouts of “what ifs”. This is exhausting.

Now we have to buy another car. I didn’t want to buy another car. I wasn’t planning on buying another car. But I have to buy another car.

On the plus side, I didn’t fret over the state of the country or politics much. Other than some Roger Stone induced schadenfreude.

On the downside, well, fuck the downside. Just send me pictures of your pets. Or anything happy. I need some happy.

So, here is my contribution.

Alfie and Gertie kitty pictures.

Alfie is the clear favorite, because Randy and Joey both say he is their favorite. I’m not saying he’s not awesome, I’m just saying I don’t play kitty favorites.

Also, do you know which cat has nicknames like Alphadookie and Poopy kitty? Alfie. Because he shits on things. He’s picky and he shows his displeasure by crapping on the rug I overpaid for 6 months ago. Randy is ready to call the rug a total loss. I am still hanging on.

I am not saying Alfie is less deserving of love, I’m just saying that Gertie never ever shits outside of her box.

Here’s my Alfikins on a table I decorated for Joey.

If you look at the light behind his head, you can see the reflection of his smushy faced feline guardian angel on the wall.

Some have said it looks like a rabbit, but I am sticking with smushy faced feline.

Here’s my Gertie girl chirping at the birds.

And here she is letting me know she’s had enough of my shit.

I hope this week goes well for you all. I hope the same for me.

Also, not kidding about the pictures. Or a story. Anything funny or happy.

And GO!

Edited to add:

Okay, bonus video, And I had to pay actual cash for it.

Randy was laying down his beat and I grabbed my phone to capture it. Then he stopped.

Me: C’mon. Let me video it.

Randy: 20 bucks.



Randy: 20 bucks

So, I fucking paid him twenty actual dollars for this 3 second video.



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