Little Kitty: Ode To Geoffrey

Little Kitty lives across the street in Car Guy’s house. He is a tabby like our Gertie.

Little Kitty has two tuxedo brothers named Leo and Big Kitty. They don’t visit, but Little Kitty does. He visits every evening when I go outside to sit.

Sitting outside helps my mind relax a bit. It’s like if my brain had a bra on all day and then got to take it off. I have no idea where we’re going to travel. Perhaps, I’d right a past wrong. Or suddenly, have the means to retire from my job. Who knows? As long as the path doesn’t get dark, I’m happy to see what fantasy my subconscious has lined up for me.

I’ve been spending a stupid amount of time the past few months (probably over a year) looking at properties on Zillow. I look at everything. I can’t get enough. We aren’t selling our house or anything, but if we were, I know the market, man, I got this shit.

So, I was considering one of the condos I had looked at earlier. Adorable. Nice deck with a view of downtown. Exposed brick. Smallish kitchen with a fabulous island.

Then, Little Kitty shows up.

Little Kitty: Meow

Me: You know, I was just about to close on a half million dollar condo downtown.

Little Kitty: Meow

He either leaves after a few minutes, or tries really hard to get inside our house. Which would be a disaster as Alfie isn’t a friendly kitty. It would be stressful.

I mean, Little Kitty did cut my internal bedtime story short. I hadn’t even got to any decorating. I’m glad he showed up though, I’m always a little bummed when he doesn’t.

I told Randy that I don’t think the cat looks like a Little Kitty. I think he looks like a Geoffrey. With a G.

Randy told me that I couldn’t call him Geoffrey because that isn’t his name and could confuse him.

So, I only call him Geoffrey in my head.

I don’t actually call him Little Kitty, either. I call him Bubby. Which is what I call Gertie and Alfie at least half the time. Cats are Bubbies. Bubbies are cats I guess.

I worry about Little Kitty crossing the street.

He seems pretty savvy most of the time. But if that other tabby from down the street comes up and chases him? He’ll darts across the street without looking. That other tabby pisses me off. He’s a dick. I don’t know his name, so I call him Mean Kitty.

If I get distracted while Little Kitty is on my porch, he will reach up with one paw and give me a tap on the shoulder.  Like “Hello….you were just petting me a minute ago? I believe you weren’t quite done. Right?”

I look forward to my visits from Little Kitty. Even though most of our encounters end with “No…you can’t come in.”

I hope he stays safe.



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  • Poor kitty. As far as you know, is he being treated well at his true home? In the Spring and Summer months at my last place I had daily visits from a neighbor’s cat and I just loved her. With the windows open, my cats (indoor only) would have first class hissy fits, but Katy (the visitor) didn’t give a crap. I brought her food but she didn’t want it. Since I thought she was lost, I called the number on her tag and her owner told me to just tell her to go home and she would. There’s traffic on that road, so I was always afraid when she wouldn’t visit that something had happened. Then one year she came and was twice her normal size. Yep. Preggers. I was furious at the owners not only for letting her out, but not having her fixed in the first place. I never saw her again after that, and I always wondered what happened.

    • Yeah, he seems to dote on his cats and they appear well fed. We live on a cul-de-sac, so there isn’t a lot of traffic, but there is some. My cats are strictly indoor cats.

  • I hate to argue with Randy but Little Kitty does look like a Geoffrey. He even seems to be smart enough that he’s read that Christopher Smart poem. And he’s coming over to tell you that he understands looking at the housing market but he doesn’t want you to move.

  • We had a cat when we were first married. We named her Chloe. But when our children began to arrive, one of our daughters became very allergic. It’s tough. Her doctor scolded me for keeping the cat as
    long as we did. Now that daughter has two hairless dogs. My other daughter had two cats for a long time. Damn allergies.

  • We got our cat Littlebeast when he just sort of showed up in the back yard in Richmond. We were just getting over Kitters’ disappearance and Briana heard meowing in the back yard and ran out to check, and came back in with an armload of black cat.
    Then she fed him tuna until he threw up on my bed.
    He’s been around ever since.
    When we were moving here from Rohnert Park, he was in his carrier in my lap and I asked him if he had ever imagined all of this adventure would result from his sneaking around backyards in Richmond, but being a cat, he didn’t reply…

  • I’ve lost count of the acreages I’ve bought in my mind. Even equipping them with pigs and chickens and a few horses ‘for the grandkids’.
    But actually moving onto one would add a whole other level of difficulty if I had to leave a little gentleman behind…

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