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Little Sister is the  younger of my two step-daughters. (Not to be confused with Baby Sister who is actually my baby sister)

I spoke with her on the phone the other day and ended the call with: I gotta go, I’m gonna bone your dad.

She responded the way she usually does: REALLY? This is what you’re going to say to me?

The poor girl has been through a lot.

You know how there are people in your life where it’s really easy to get under their skin and you know you shouldn’t but then you do anyway for your own enjoyment?

Like I said, the poor girl has been through a lot.

I need to make amends.

To my gorgeous step-daughter:

I probably don’t tell you enough (or ever) how very lucky I am to have had you in my life all these years.  I cannot imagine my life without you in it.

I KNEW you’d be an incredible mom…I just didn’t know HOW incredible you would be. You are doing such a fine job with our beautiful granddaughter. And I could not be more pleased that she is SO MUCH like you. Hahaha.

I am so proud of you and how well you are doing in school. You just keep kicking ass.

I am grateful how drama free you’ve always been. I am grateful that you will always be there to lend an ear when I need it and that I can count on your for an honest opinion…even those times when the opinion was not what I wanted to hear.

In short, I am happy you are you and I love you very much.

Now..I have to go…your dad is just INSATIABLE.



Here is the response I got on Facebook from Little Sister. She is so fucking clever…and sweet.

  1. Response to your blog post-

    5 Reasons Evil Step-Monsters (ESMs) Aren’t So Bad:

    1) Oftentimes, evil step-monsters will share your wickedly twisted sense of humor. This will result in countless moments of laughter.

    2) Evil step-monsters make good protectors. They will defend your honor..umm…or lack of honor…when faced with adversity. One glance from an evil step-monster can stop an argumentative baby daddy in his tracks.

    3) Evil step-monsters are fashionable. If asked nicely, evil step-monsters will rehab your plain boring style with their personal supply of makeup and hair product. Also, if nagged incessantly, evil step monsters will forfeit their awesome red Dock Martin boots.

    4) Evil step-monsters will care for your loved ones. They will bring happiness and acceptance to your eccentrically peculiar kin. Also, evil step-monsters will contribute new members to this outlandish group. These new members will hold a secure place in your heart.

    5) Evil step-monsters will care for and love you. Even though they will not adorn their house with your photos, evil step-monsters will readily be available for hugs, advice, and kind words (skank is a term of endearment to ESMs).

    Evil step-monsters have received the unjust reputation of being a poisonous apple wielding bitches. This unfair stereotype is outdated and inaccurate. Evil step-monsters are wonderfully awesome.






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  • Kudos for sending love and respect your stepdaughter’s way. I have to say though that as a daughter of a mother that randomly announces things like having sex with her partner who has Parkinsons “is like having your own life size vibrator” (this was at the dinner table during a holiday meal) I’m going to say that “bone your dad” isn’t too bad. =)

  • The only problem i see with ending your calls this way is if you have no intention on boning her fathet after you.hang up. Cause that would make you a liar. 🙂

  • Holy crow do we have A LOT in common (although I have never said quite those words to my stepdaughter hahahaha). One of the most heart-felt posts I’ve ever written (and sheesh…I don’t think I’ve ever written a post that wasn’t heart-felt, but you know what I mean) was about the birth of my grandson. Not being a mother myself (I never had the desire and still do not regret it), I never imagined what it would be like to be Booboo and to play such a role in a child’s life. Not to mention the relationship my stepdaughter and I have now. “Incredibly blessed” doesn’t come close to how I feel about her.

    • I know exactly how you feel. And I have two stepdaughters..I’m writing a post about the older one next week. We have 4 grandkids and they are A M A Z I N G. I am Mimi to 3 of them..

      The 3 year old? She refuses to call me anything but Gaga. HAHAHA

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